Cape Holiday (Event): Wheel of Life

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Worn out from the day, I had planned to go to bed early, but then came a knock on my door.
I thought something had happened, so I threw on my sun jacket and hurried to open the door. To my surprise, it was Lucien, who had not long ago just said goodnight to me.
MC: What is it?
Lucien: I received word from the front desk that sea turtles are laying eggs on the island. Wanna go see?
I'd never seen sea turtle eggs. My need for sleep disappeared instantly.
MC: Yes!
A worker led Lucien and I to the beach under the night sky.
Sure enough, the beach-- empty just this morning-- was now crowded with sea turtles.
MC: I've never seen so many sea turtles...
Lucien was tickled at my expression of wonder and grinned wider than I'd ever seen him.
Lucien: Laying eggs is typically a collective behavior among sea turtles.
MC: You mean... they all agreed beforehand to produce eggs?
Lucien: They didn't exactly agree, but syncing up ensures that a great number of babies will hatch.
Lucien: More than predators can eat, so that ensures that some of the babies will make it back to the sea.
MC: Lucien, how do you always know everything...
Lucien laughed off my question and just clasped his left hand tighter around my shoulder.
Just then, the worker and Lucien said something, but I couldn't hear over the waves.
MC: What is it?
Lucien: The worker said if you're willing to wait, once the sea turtles go back to the ocean, we can bury some eggs.
Lucien: This way, they won't be exposed to birds pecking them when the tide goes back out.
MC: Let's do it! Let's do it!
I almost jumped in excitement. But then I suddenly remembered that Lucien always seemed to be advocating for survival of the fittest and the law of nature.
MC: Uh... So will you be joining me in this little venture, Lucien?
MC: Besides the eggs are already buried, we're just burying them a little better--
Before I could pile on more reasons, Lucien cut me off with a warm embrace.
Lucien: Sure.
His low but warm voice resonated from his chest, along with his steady heartbeat.