Cape Holiday (Event): Unstoppable Crowds

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It's always so wonderful in one's imagination.
But the blazing sun, the blaring kid's music, and the packed beach all seemed to be ridiculing me.
MC: How are there so many people here?!
I stared in shock at the multitude of tents on the beach and the screaming kids. My head spun.
I had intentionally picked a secluded beach but unexpectedly run into a huge parent/kid summer camp.
Boy: Hahaha, you can't catch me--
Pow! A sprinting young boy tripped over in front of me. Before I could react, he erupted in sobs.
I looked helplessly at Victor beside me, but he did nothing, his expression as cool as ever.
The child's teacher came over and picked up him, soothing him in a low voice.
Victor: We're leaving.
Victor immediately turned around and left, and I hurried after him.
MC: We're just gonna go?
Victor: You want to stay here swimming elbow to elbow with all these people?
MC: I... I never imagined there'd be this many people. I had everything all planned.
Thinking about how I said I would take care of everything, I couldn't help feeling guilty.
MC: I really didn't expect this.
Victor: Okay.
His blank tone betrayed no emotion and left me feeling very uneasy.
MC: How about we go back to the hotel and relax a bit?
Victor: No need.
MC: Then, let's go shopping?
Victor: There are no shops worth going to.
I felt worse and worse, and my voice grew quieter.
MC: Then... then let me think.
Victor: ...
I looked up in confusion to see Victor, a fist held up to his mouth, unable to hold back laughter.
His eyes were filled with glee, clearly telling me that he was enjoying watching me squirm.
My face turned crimson.
MC: Why do you enjoy laughing at me so much?
Victor: Idiot.
Still smiling, Victor reached out his fist and tapped my forehead, not particularly softly.
Victor: That's your punishment.
MC: Oh?
Victor: Now that you've been punished, no more blaming yourself.
Why's he being so nice today? I listened warily as he continued in the same tone:
Victor: I never had much faith that your plans would all go smoothly anyway.
MC: But you still agreed to come...
I didn't sound happy, but reminding myself that he had in fact come with me made me feel better.