Cape Holiday (Event): Trip Without Planning

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As summer nears, you start hearing about all kinds of popular island vacation destinations
Our company also had a travel show in the works, so I decided to investigate one of them.
I call it an investigation, but in reality it was basically a "company trip".
Kiki, Willow, and the rest were all pining to go, but I already had another candidate in mind.:
Victor: Hello? What is it?
Victor's deep voice sounded in my ear.
I heard LFG just finished a big project, so I figured he'd probably be less busy than usual.
MC: It's a little sudden, but can you get away with me to an island for a few days?
The sound of rustling papers ceased, and Victor fell silent. The only sound was his light breathing.
Victor: ...You're inviting me to an island? Why?
MC: We need to go check it out for a show. The budget happens to be for two people.
I had already anticipated he wouldn't agree right away, so I had a good reason prepared.
But he wasn't convinced by it.
Victor: For work?
MC: But not just work. Sure we're checking it out, but it's also just a vacation!
Victor: If that's all this is, then I don't have time.
MC: It's not just that! There's also...
MC: Oh, right, our company's quarterly report came out.
MC: So I want to thank you, as our biggest investor, and just personally!
Victor: Call me back when you're clear what the reason is.
Victor: Bye.
MC: Wait! I'm not finished! What could be better than an island vacation in summer!
MC: And I'm handling all the details. All you have to do is enjoy the scenery.
MC: You've been so busy lately, and I just want to spend a holiday with you...
Victor: Fine, I'll go.
In my incessant rambling, it took me a few seconds to realize that he actually said yes.
So, which reason was it that got him to acquiesce?
Victor: I'll confirm my schedule and let you know.
Before I got a chance to ask, he'd hung up. I decided I'd ask him again when we were face-to-face.
This was the first time we'd ever vacationed, just the two of us. Just like that, it was happening!