Cape Holiday (Event): Tour for Two

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Gavin and I stood in front of a water activities shop as I pondered over their list of offerings.
Banana boat, water skiing... As I read silently, I glanced over at Gavin looking very stern.
MC: Gavin... how about we do a dolphin cruise?
Gavin: Uhhuh. Anything else you like?
MC: No... nothing else.
Gavin: What? Tell me...
MC: Nothing! I just want to see the dolphins.
I didn't want to tell him, but I was worried I'd make a fool of myself trying those other things.
Without another word, Gavin turned and headed to the ticket counter.
Gavin: Dolphin cruise. Two tickets.
Cashier: Which way would you like to do it?
MC: Which ways are there?
Cashier: There's a group cruise, and also a cruise for two.
Cashier: The group cruise is what it sounds like. Lots of people, a guide. Guaranteed to spot dolphins.
MC: And the cruise for two?
Cashier: Also what it sounds like. Just the two of you. No guide, and no one else.
Cashier: Which means you might not be able to find any dolphins. Purely depends on your luck.
As the ticket agent spoke, he looked over me and Gavin and gave a knowing smile.
Cashier: Newlyweds like you usually choose the cruise for two. More fun with no one around...
MC: ...
I looked at Gavin, but before I could speak, he was already answering.
Gavin: Cruise for two.
MC: You...
Gavin: This way we don't have to fight the crowds.