Cape Holiday (Event): Sweet Little Thing

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After arriving on the island, my penchant for naps fell by the wayside as I became obsessed with exploring this island which I had practically all to myself.
This morning, I took Lucien on a sunrise walk. Getting up early isn't hard for him anyway.
Breathing in the fresh sea air, I felt like my entire being was cleansed.
MC: Lucien, you know what the best thing about this place is?
I stretched by back and sat down in the shade of a tree, completely content.
Lucien: What?
In contrast to my drowsiness, Lucien didn't look a bit tired.
MC: This place doesn't have any mosquitos! None at--
Before I finished, a small animal appeared suddenly before us. Dark fur, bushy tail, round body...
MC: Ah! (Whisper) That's an otter!
I tried speaking softly, but it was still spooked by my voice and disappeared into the brush.
MC: Aww... he's gone.
MC: I saw a video online before that showed otters even hold hands in their sleep.
MC: I have that one favorited. It's too cute.
I don't know what I said that Lucien found funny, but he burst out laughing.
Lucien: Actually...
MC: What?
Lucien: You're thinking about sea otters. They hold hands to prevent getting separated by waves.
MC: ...
Lucien: Do you like it?
MC: What?
Before I'd realized what Lucien was asking, he took hold of my hand and laced his fingers with mine.
Lucien: Holding hands.
I didn't know if it was Lucien's action or his question, but my cheeks felt hot.
MC: B-- because.. sea otters holding hands when they sleep is really cute.
Lucien: Oh, indeed it is.
Lucien stared for a bit at our hands locked together and then nodded in agreement.
Lucien: My little sea otter is indeed quite cute.