Cape Holiday (Event): Stars over Sea

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After countless excursions, we'd practically searched the whole sea and still hadn't seen a dolphin.
Afterward, the ticket agent felt bad for us and asked if we'd like to try at a different time.
Cashier: Actually, dolphins will come out around nightfall too.
MC: Around nightfall?
Cashier: Yep. And if you still don't see any, take the group cruise. I've never seen anyone so determined.
So this time, Gavin and I were going out on the sea at nightfall.
MC: It's all my fault. Now you're spending your vacation driving a boat...
Gavin: Don't sweat it.
Gavin lightly patted my head as he spoke to soothe me.
The settling sun sparkled on the surface of the water, like we were floating on an oil painting.
But because we still hadn't seen a dolphin, as beautiful as it was, I still felt discouraged.
MC: Let's just look one last time, okay...
Gavin stopped the boat and said:
Gavin: Really?
I looked at Gavin and nodded decisively.
Just then the last glimmers of light faded, and a breeze blew in the bast darkness. I shuddered.
Gavin: Scared?
I quickly shook my head. Gavin took my hand, like he was trying to transmit his courage to me.
Gavin: I'm here. There's nothing to be afraid of.
MC: Yeah...
Gavin turned on the cabin light and it shone on the water like a lone candle.
At the same time, as if it was planned, other lights lit up in the distance, one after another.
The pale moon glinted off a fleet of fishing boats shimmering like fairies in the distance.
MC: Gavin, look. So beautiful...
Gavin: There's something even more beautiful.
MC: What...!
Gavin pulled me into his chest. In the next instant, we were leaping over the boat's cabin.
When I came to my senses again, we were suspended in mid-air.
His embrace was strong and secure, and his warm breath slowly washed over my body.
The pitch black sea was lit up with boats, like a patch of stars shining in the night sky.
I turned my head up to look at Gavin and found that he was looking at me, a smile on his face.
Gavin: You're not scared?
MC: ... You said yourself. You're here. There's nothing to be afraid of.
I clung to him tightly, feeling his long, steady breathing. His deep voice whispered in my ear.
Gavin: Not just me. There are also the stars.