Cape Holiday (Event): Small Tent in the Rain

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MC: In the seaside town, there was a house near the shore...
I tried to speak in a low, mysterious voice and had let down my hair to look extra-scary.
Victor: Do you think you're doing a ghost story radio play?
With a word, Victor had broken the atmosphere I had worked so hard to build up.
He sat cross-legged on the ground like me, but somehow pulled it off more elegantly.
MC: Don't talk... you're interrupting the flow!
Victor: Okay, continue.
Victor held his tongue, and I cleared my throat and continued with the tale.
MC: It was a dark and stormy night. "Knock-knock-knock." Someone was at the door.
MC: Who could it be, calling in the middle of the night?
Victor: If it's so stormy out, how would they hear the knock?
MC: ... He just happened to hear it.
MC: He looked through the peephole and saw a pair of eyes staring right at him...
Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but inside the tent it seemed to get colder.
The pale glow of the flashlight, the moaning wind, the shaking tent... it was all quite spooky.
I stole a glance at Victor. He was listening very intently to my nonsensical story.
His pinched brow betrayed his perplexity and how strongly he was holding in his complaints.
MC: Beware the shadow behind you...
Trying to scare Victor, I shivered and waved my hand behind me to check for strange creatures.
I quietly inched toward Victor, bit by bit so he wouldn't notice.
MC: A hand suddenly fell on his shoulder...
Just as suddenly, a hand grabbed my wrist.
MC: Ah!!
I jumped straight into the air, my heart racing like it would jump out of my chest.
Victor: Why are you freaking out over nothing?
My over-the-top reaction had flustered Victor.
My carefully chosen ghost story hadn't fazed him. I finally got a reaction, but it didn't feel good!
Victor: Your story didn't scare me, but you yourself sure did.
MC: You were the one who scared me! I thought for a second...
Victor: You thought it was a ghost?
Victor: You're the only person I've ever seen scare herself with her own ghost story.
In the dark, Victor's warm hand brushed against mine. I realized how cold it really was.
Victor: How did you get so cold?
A warm jacket was suddenly draped over me, and I could smell Victor's familiar scent on it.
Victor: Put this on. If you catch cold, I'm not taking care of you.
I wrapped the jacket around myself. My body temperature and my spirits slowly recovered.
Victor: A cold front came in. Should rain soon.
As he said that, we could hear the patter of raindrops on the tent.
I scurried behind Victor out of the tent and back to the hotel. Soon, a huge storm was raging.
I clutched Victor's jacket and watched the downpour from the veranda, feeling worried.
MC: Aahh... so much for camping.
Victor: We can do it again tomorrow.
MC: No need.
I shook my head and started laughing to myself.
I really only wanted to try out beachside camping for two and ghost stories.
There's a lot I wanted to try out, as long as I had Victor to experience them with me.