Cape Holiday (Event): On the Eve of Return

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Cape Holiday (Event) (Lucien) Stage: 6 (Story)



Happy times always go by so quickly. Before I knew it, it was the last day of our vacation.
Lucien and I took our room keys to the owner to check out.
After some pleasantries, the owner suddenly got a teasing look on his face, saying to me:
Owner: Your boyfriend really cherishes you. I wish you two happiness.
As he spoke, he jingled the keys in his hand.
Owner: Come back again when you're on your honeymoon.
MC: Thank you...
Aside from thank you, I didn't know what else to say. Lucien had two more words to add though.
Lucien: We will.
The owner saw us off all the way to the boarding area and watched as we took off from the water.
On the sea plane, away from the owner's teasing looks, I finally stopped blushing so hard.
Meanwhile, it finally hit me how little time was left in our vacation.
MC: Aahh... the vacation's gonna be over so soon. So sad!
Lucien: What are you sad about?
MC: Well, leaving behind this relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings, the cute little animals...
I turned to see Lucien looking straight at me, that familiar smile on his face.
He stayed just like that, waiting for me to finish what I was saying.
That look of affection in Lucien's eye reminded me of burying turtle eggs with him that night.
Under the moonlight, he had the same gentle, encouraging smile he was making now.
MC: And... the little sea turtles we protected together.
Lucien: And you're sad about leaving those places you didn't have time to "explore"?
MC: Explore...? Ah!
The emphasis he put on the word reminded of almost losing my shirt exploring that waterfall cave.
My ears turned red in an instant.
MC: B- but just a couple of days isn't enough to explore the whole island!
MC: It's not every day I have a whole island to myself. Of course I need to take advantage of it.
MC: And there were other guests, so I didn't really get to have it all to myself...
Thinking about it plunged me into sadness again over having to leave the island.
Lucien: Silly girl, don't be sad.
Lucien said these words as naturally has he would've said what's for dinner tonight.
Lucien: The next time we come, it'll really be just the two of us.