Cape Holiday (Event): Night of Ghost Stories

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Walking on the beach under a star-filled sky was romantic, but something was missing.
Life could always use a little something to spice things up.
Our first night on the beach, I couldn't wait to take Victor out to the pitch black water.
MC: A dark and windy night on the beach was the perfect opportunity to tell ghost stories!
Victor looked at the beach and the tent nearby, then turned his gaze back to me.
Victor: This is the "fun spot" that you were talking about.
MC: Yes! I rented the tent ages ago. I've even got the perfect story ready.
After all, beachside tent and ghost stories was top 5 on my list of travel plans.
MC: Victor, are you afraid of ghosts?
Victor: What do you think?
MC: I think I can make you scared!
At that, Victor folded his arms across his chest while arching his brown bemusedly.:
Victor: We'll see about that.
After opening the bag containing the tent, the pop-up tent base started to spread itself out.
I tried to stumble through the set up instructions before Victor impatiently took over for me.
The blue tent barely stood out in the darkness, and the sand underneath was softer than expected.:
I sat in the tent and beckoned Victor to come in.
MC: Get in here!
Victor: Are you sure?
I couldn't see his expression clearly in the dark, but he finally bent down and squirmed inside.
What was originally a roomy tent now felt quite cramped and awkward with Victor now inside.
I could hear his breathing clearly, and his body heat and scent filled the enclosed space.
My heartbeat sped up uncontrollably.
I seemed to hear him chuckle.
Victor: If you back up anymore, you'll bring the tent down.
MC: Wh-- Who me?
To break the tension, I scrambled to turn on my flashlight, its dim glow perfect for ghost stories.
MC: I'll go first...
The evening of seaside ghost stories had begun!