Cape Holiday (Event): Misunderstanding

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Because of our habit of early morning walks, Lucien and I rarely saw the other family at breakfast.
That day was an exception.
Lucien took me to say hello to that couple, and we sat at a small round table next to them.
The dining hall wasn't big, so Lucien and I heard basically everything the family were saying.
Boy: They must be newlyweds on their honeymoon.
Girl: But Uncle Will said they're boyfriend and girlfriend...
Boy: But only "daddies" and "mommies" can wake up late, because they go to sleep late.
Girl: But they're not staying in the same room.
Boy: But--
Father: Enough talking! Finish your food so we can go out in the boat fishing.
Since we were the only other ones on the island, it was pretty clear who they were talking about...
As I ate, I couldn't keep my attention from drifting to their table. Lucien ate calmly as ever.
Little kids can be quite frank and open...
As if he'd guessed what I was thinking, Lucien looked at me and suddenly put down his utensils.
Lucien: Shall I go over and explain?
MC: No, no need... anyway, just kids being kids.
And I'm sure we won't run into them again.
As I was thinking this, the children's mother walked over to our table.
Mother: I apologize. We've disturbed your meal, haven't we?
MC: ... Not at all.
Mother: I've told them over and over not to talk about other people, but they never listen... sorry.
Hearing such a sincere apology, I shook my head fiercely, wanting to say that I really didn't mind.
Moreover... that's exactly the kind of impression Lucien and I vacationing together in a place like this would give someone.
Just then, Lucien nonchalantly said:
Lucien: They are quite lively and adorable. And hearing kids talk like that can be very amusing.
The mother returned to their table, reassured by Lucien's response. Although...
I didn't dare make eye contact with Lucien again until I saw their family leave the dining hall.