Cape Holiday (Event): Miss the Flight

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I looked down at my phone. Already 11 p.m. and the flight was delayed again...
It's been delayed 8 hours. Kiro and I were trapped in the cabin, struggling to sleep.
Kiro: MC, are you asleep yet?
MC: No... but if the flight wasn't delayed, I'd be asleep in the hotel by now...
Kiro laughed and put my head on his shoulder.
Kiro: Doesn't matter how long it's delayed, we'll get there eventually.
MC: Right!
Kiro: Now... let's think about what we're gonna do on the island?
MC: Oh, lots! I wanna surf, swim, hunt for sea shells, build a sandcastle...
MC: And...
Kiro: And?
MC: I wanna feast on seafood, but maybe then I'd get fat...
Kiro: Now that you mention it, I really wanna eat too. Especially steamed crab and seafood chowder.
MC: Once we get off the plane, I'm totally gonna chow down!
As I made this deal with myself, Kiro sat next to me nodding with his lips pursed together.
Kiro: It's time for us to rekindle our legendary prowess at the all-you-can-eat buffet!
MC: Hahahaha...
And so an interminable night of delays was passed as Kiro and I chatted on and off.
He always made any situation more interesting. Even just sitting on a runway was fun with him.
MC: Kiro, it's so good to have you around.
Kiro: Oh? Is that a compliment? Careful, I might let it go to my head...
MC: Don't let it go to your head. Be modest...
Kiro: MC, are you tired? If you're tired, you can sleep awhile.
Kiro: When you wake up, we'll be at our destination...
He rhythmically and lightly patted my back, light as a feather, and I drifted off to dreamland.