Cape Holiday (Event): Memorial Straw Hat

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Kiro: I want this one, and this one.
Kiro turned into a shopping machine upon entering the souvenir shop, constantly grabbing things.
Including all kinds of shell handicrafts, a coconut sculpture, and women's straw hats... whaaa?!
I counted carefully. He had five of them!
MC: Hang on... what do you need with all these ladies' straw hats...?
Kiro: Well... as gifts of course.
MC: ...How many female friends do you have to give gifts to?
Kiro: Take a guess~
MC: ...I don't need to...
For some reason, my chest suddenly felt constricted and tight. I somehow felt lost.
I looked at the hats in the cart, then turned and moodily picked up a clay figurine off the shelf.
Kiro: Are you... mad?
Kiro grabbed me hastily by the shoulders, looking incredibly nervous.
Kiro: Don't be mad, okay? Actually... I'm getting all these things for you.
Kiro: This way, if I give you one souvenir per day, I can see you more times!
MC: You...
Kiro: You don't believe me? Then I'll give them to you now!
MC: Huh? Wh-- what...?
Kiro took the straw hats and gently placed them one by one atop my head.
Kiro: The first hat is so that when you go back, you can feel just as happy as you were on vacation.
Kiro: The second hat is so that all your dreams come true and you make your best shows ever.
Kiro: The third hat is so that you're always healthy, never sick, and never have trouble sleeping.
Kiro: The fourth is so that my Miss Chips is guaranteed to always be happy.
Kiro: And the fifth is... whether you're happy or not, I'll always be the first person you think of.
As I looked into Kiro's earnest eyes, I felt a little choked up.
MC: So... what should I buy as a gift for you?
Kiro: You don't need to buy me any souvenirs. For you, any old excuse to visit will do.
MC: "The prince of England got married today, so I wanted to see you"... Like that?
Probably because I looked so serious, Kiro started laughing. His eyes twinkled like stars.
He pulled me into his arms, kissed my forehead, and laughed with joy.
Kiro: Yeah, like that. As long as you visit me, you don't even need a reason.