Cape Holiday (Event): Lucien's Invitation

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For being non-stop busy all year round, I owe myself a vacation.
I don't ask for much. I just want a nice, quiet place where I can relax awhile.
After getting work affairs in order, my plan was to do travel research for a few days and then go, but then I got an unexpected call from Lucien.
MC: Hello, Lucien?
Lucien: Hi, I just saw Kiki's Moments post. She said...
Lucien's deliberate pause made me nervous for some reason.
MC: What did she say?
Lucien: She said her boss suddenly absconded on her own with company funds.
MC: No, no, that's not-- she was jok--
Before I could finish, a laugh came from the other end of the line.
Lucien: I'm teasing you. Are you going off on vacation by yourself?
MC: Huh? Yeah... How do you always know everything...
Lucien: Have you decided where to?
Lucien was clearly asking a question, but his tone implied that he already had something in mind.
MC: Not yet... but I'm basically thinking of going to a beach.
Lucien: Ah... a beach.
In a few short seconds of silence, Lucien had made a decision.
Lucien: Then, if I were to suggest adding a traveling companion, would that be an inconvenience?
Did Lucien mean... he wants to go on vacation with me?
MC: But aren't you really busy lately?
Lucien: I recently just finished a research task, so I happen to be free.
Lucien: The beach is indeed a popular destination these days. Do you want to go somewhere lively or quiet?
MC: Quiet... Really I just want to find somewhere to relax.
MC: You already have an idea, don't you, Lucien?
Lucien: Well, perhaps not quite yet. Give me a little time.
Lucien: Leave your vacation up to me, alright?
Hearing Lucien say this, I could feel myself starting to look forward to it already.
MC: But I only have a little over a week. I can't go anywhere too far...
Lucien: One week is plenty of time.
As soon as I hung up, my imagination started racing.
What would Lucien's beach recommendation be like?