Cape Holiday (Event): Lover's World

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Our first stop was a bustling tourist city. I thought Lucien's plan was to find a quiet spot there.
But to my surprise, Lucien said this was not our destination.
Lucien's recommended vacation spot wasn't a sea port or a scenic coastal town, or even a famous island-- it was a small private island.
After a short respite in the city, we boarded a sea plane which finally took us to this island.
My face was stuck in permanent shock from the moment we got off the sea plane.
Noticing my astonishment, Lucien grinned.
Lucien: I hope you'll like it here.
He may have said "hope", but by his tone he clearly knew for a fact that I would.
A guide led us, excitedly telling us about the island. During a pause, I tugged Lucien's shirt.
MC: So, aside from the owner, we're the only two on the island?
The thought made my heart speed up a few beats.
Just then, from not far away came the sound of children playing.
Lucien: There are no other guests, except for the owner's friends also here on vacation-- a family of four.
Lucien gestured at two children playing not far away and then bent down to whisper:
Lucien: We don't have the whole island to ourselves. Disappointed?
MC: N--no! Even if there's no other guests, there's still the staff and the owner...
Lucien: Oh? So it seems you've already been running the numbers!
Lucien grinned like a cunning fox as he turned my words around on me.
MC: Why you...
As I was searching for a comeback, I saw someone walking towards us not far away.
A healthy tan, a warm smile, and a beer belly that seemed to advertise abundance.
Guide: This is the island's owner, Mr. Will.
Lucien introduced himself to the owner of the island standing before us.
Lucien: I'm Lucien. And this is--
I was going to extend my hand and introduce myself.
Owner: Ah, this must be your girlfriend.
As he spoke, the owner gave me a warm hug.