Cape Holiday (Event): Jungle Cabin

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Our hotel was built inside a nature park. Sometimes we could see animals walking past the window.
Although, since it was so primitive, I wondered if bears would suddenly come attack us?
As I unpacked my suitcase by myself, my mind raced with possibilities.
A heavy knock came at the door, making me jump in fright.
MC: Who is it?
No one answered. There was just knock after knock, each louder than the last.
My heart was gripped with this unknown terror...
I summoned the courage to crack open the door and saw a gold flash of a person enter the room!
Kiro: Super K--
MC: Aaaah!
My screams cut Kiro off, and my nose crashed into his chest. It felt like it was going to fall off.
He had no idea I was going to get so scared. He hesitated and then wrapped me in his arms.
Kiro: Don't be scared! Miss Chips, it's me! Super Kiro on the scene!
The warmth of his embrace helped me slowly regain my wits, but I was still a little spooked.
MC: So that was you outside just now pretending to be a bear?
Kiro: ... I-- I was only messing with you. Were you really scared?
MC: N-- no! I was not!
Kiro: Oh? Then who was that shouting "Aaaah..." just now and jumping into my arms?
MC: Don't you dare!
I made to pinch him, but he dodged and then grabbed my wrist, pulling me into his arms again.
Kiro: I'm sorry. This was all my fault scaring you like that.
Kiro: Although your reaction just then was very cute, I do feel badly about your nose...
Kiro: So I won't ever do it again!