Cape Holiday (Event): Island Chieftain Arrives

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Sun, sand, and waves.
Today's the first day on the island with Gavin. I put down my bags and get excited to hit the beach.
Standing at the door of the hotel, caressed by the steady sea breeze, I breathe in the fresh air.
Suddenly, a wide-brimmed straw hat covers my head.
MC: ...!
Gavin: Put on your hat.
I turn and see Gavin, wearing his typical t-shirt and pants.
MC: Gavin! ... Why haven't you changed yet?
Gavin: Changed into what?
MC: Island-style clothes, of course! Like me...
I lifted the hem of my long Bohemian beach dress and twirled around.
Gavin: ...
Gavin: I'm fine like this.
MC: ... Won't you be too hot?
Gavin: Nope.
MC: You... didn't pack for the beach, did you?
Gavin: I packed this, didn't I?
He tapped on the straw hat on my head. I guess all he packed were things for me...
MC: This won't do!
I led Gavin to a store that was full of colorful tropical clothes. I was actually a bit overwhelmed.
MC: See anything you like?
Gavin: I'll like anything you pick.
MC: ...
After lots of picking and choosing, I finally settled on a normal short-sleeved tropical shirt.
In his new shirt, Gavin instantly had more of a vacation vibe about him.
MC: Hehe! It's not perfect, but now you look just like an island chieftain!
Gavin: Island chieftain? IN that case, this whole island is yours.
The scorching rays lit up his light hair with shimmering brilliance.
My first island vacation... I was so looking forward to this.