Cape Holiday (Event): Holiday Invitation

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Host: The temps have been scorching in Loveland City lately, Kiro. Any travel tips to beat the heat?
Kiro: Of course, you'd want to go to a nice, breezy island! I happen to know of one...
We collaborated with Kiro recently on an ad for an island.
Watching Kiro prattle away in the monitor, I couldn't help wanting to escape the heat myself.
Just as I was finished gathering equipment and preparing to leave, Kiro appeared before me.
He was still in costume, and he pulled two plane tickets enticingly from behind his back.
Kiro: Will you come with me? I guarantee you'll see everything you want to see in a future vacation.
MC: Oh???...
Kiro: Haha, let's go on vacation together!
MC: Were you just inside my head? How did you know what I was thinking?
He chuckled and stuffed a plane ticket in my hand.
Kiro: Perhaps! But this isn't to that island I just mentioned. It's to another... uh... special island!
Kiro: Would you like to go?
MC: Of course I would! ... But the date on this ticket is...
MC: Tonight! That soon?
A slightly mischievous grin spread across Kiro's face.
Kiro: Travel means throwing caution to the wind.
MC: ... R-- really? But I won't even have time to pack my suitcase...
Kiro: No worries. Just bring yourself. Leave everything else to the superhero Kiro!
MC: Okay... I'm counting on you then~
Kiro: Good! Actually... I booked so early because I didn't want to give you time to have second thoughts.
Kiro: But I'm not worried now.
Kiro: Because now you've taken my plane ticket, so you're all mine!