Cape Holiday (Event): His Palm

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MC: Does this... look good?
I examined myself in the changing room mirror for awhile before finally deciding to come out.
Victor was already outside, waiting under a giant palm tree and wearing casual wear for a change.
The simple cut of the clothes and the mottled sunlight softened his usually sharp demeanor.
My mood and my step lightened, and I hurried over to Victor.
MC: I'm ready! Were you waiting long?
Victor: Not too long.
When I got closer, I could tell Victor had been tensely and relaxed visibly upon seeing me.
Victor: If you stayed in there a little longer, I would've had to send a clerk in to check on you.
MC: I wasn't in there that long!
I looked around as I protested and noticed quite a few young women gazing eagerly at Victor.
Thinking of his tense expression just then, I finally figured out why!
MC: Haha, I never thought I'd see you like this!
Victor: Don't laugh. Do I gloat over your misfortunes?
MC: I'm not, I'm not!
He cocked an eyebrow and held out his hand to me. Flustered, I ended up handing him some sunscreen.
Victor: Are you thick?
He let out a sigh, took the sunscreen, and then took my hand with his other.
Victor: Let's go.
He almost dragged me away. His warm hand was soft, and he walked at just the right pace for me.
I looked up at his figure walking before me.
His black hair was a little messy, not like his meticulous look at work. It swayed with his step.
MC: Why aren't you wearing a swimsuit?
Victor: Because I don't plan on swimming.
MC: But... isn't it a waste to come to the beach and not swim?
Victor: It's not a waste.
He spoke lightly, but with his usual certainty. The warm sun shone down on me, gentle yet strong.