Cape Holiday (Event): Funny Group Photo

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A few days before we left, I couldn't resist going paragliding with Kiro.
Looking down at the island from the paraglider, everything looked like miniaturized toys.
The crescent-shaped island, the palm trees, and the azure blue water were all vivid summer colors.
The view was beautiful, but since this was my first time, the look on my face was also priceless...
After landing, my legs couldn't stop shaking. I was going to fall over, but Kiro quickly caught me.
Kiro: Still scared? Next time you shouldn't force yourself to do these things.
MC: I'm not scared anymore... but my legs are like jelly...
Seeing me so unsteady, Kiro held my waist tighter and supported all of my weight with his body.
I could feel the warmth from his fingers through his shirt, like little flames on my skin.
MC: I... I can walk on my own.
Kiro: But, I'd like to help you a bit more, just a bit... okay?
MC: Okay...
Kiro: MC, let's go pick out a photo from the paragliding.
MC: Oh? But I probably look too ridiculous! I don't wanna see what I looked like...
Kiro: No way! I bet you looked cute!
As expected, my photos from paragliding were like a goofy face meme gallery. One eye bulging, one eye squinting, mouth agape...
Out of shame and resentment, I hid the photos behind my back.
MC: No! Don't look! Forget what you just saw! Forget everything...
Kiro: Why can't I see?
MC: Because... I look bad! I only want you to see photos of me looking good...
Kiro patted my head. His blue eyes were as placid as the sky, and his voice soft as silk.
Kiro: But I just saw them, and I will absolutely never forget them.
Kiro: You look so cute doing your first paraglide. It's a memory I will treasure.
Kiro: I will always preserve that image in my heart.