Cape Holiday (Event): Dressing Interludes

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A few days later, before going swimming, I realized my swimsuit was too big. I had to buy a new one.
MC: Hey, think this one looks good?
I held up a grey one-piece swimsuit in front of me.
Kiro: ... I think you could go for a brighter, pastel color!
As he spoke, he looked through the rack very methodically, picking things out occasionally.
Kiro: Alright... put these on. You're sure to look spectacular!
He handed the swimsuits he'd picked out to me with a flash of confidence in his eye.
MC: Okay, okay. I trust your taste.
MC: Although... you probably like girls with nice bodies, don't you?
Kiro: Uh... define "nice body"? Like yours, MC?
As he said that, he looked me up and down. I felt awkward and pushed him coyly.
MC: C'mon, Kiro! Go back to your celebrity world where everyone looks perfect!
Kiro: I'm not kidding. In my eyes, you've got the perfect body, MC!
MC: ...
MC: Then... I'll go try these on.
Kiro nodded, an expectant look in his eye as he watched me enter the changing room.
Kiro leaned up against the wall outside the changing room, playing a game on his phone.
He was looking forward to seeing how cute his Miss Chips would look.
Suddenly, a gorgeous blond-haired girl walked in front of Kiro, pretending to drop her phone.
Woman: Ahem, hey handsome, can you help me pick up my phone?
Kiro bent over and got her phone without looking at the girl.
Woman: Think you could give me your phone too?
Kiro: No, sorry. I'm using it right now.
Woman: ...
Kiro casually turned his eyes away to the changing room door.
Then, the door opened from within, and out walked Miss Chips wearing a swimsuit he'd picked.
MC: W-- What do you think?
Kiro nodded and his eyes lit up like Christmas lights.
MC: Nice! MC, you're the most beautiful girl on the beach!