Cape Holiday (Event): Dolphin Wish

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This is our second time heading out to sea at nightfall.
MC: Are we maybe a little too obsessed this?
Gavin: What do you mean?
MC: Actually, even if there are no dolphins, the sea at sunset really is beautiful!
MC: The sea, and you, that's all I need!
Hearing this, Gavin looked at me in complete happiness.
Suddenly realizing what I was saying, I bashfully shook my head.
MC: I-- I'm babbling. Don't pay attention to me!
I tried to hide by turning towards the window. Suddenly, a leaping figure appeared not far from me.
MC: ...It's-- It's a dolphin!
I shouted, and Gavin looked where I was pointing and saw the dolphin, tinged pink by the sunset.
Gavin: We found one.
MC: Yay!!
I suddenly thought of something. I lowered my head, shut my eyes, and folded my hands together.
More and more pink dolphins leapt out of the water.
They flittered in a pack in front of our boat, not scared at all, like they were guiding us.
MC: Wow, it's true. Dolphins really are friendly to people.
Gavin: Yeah.
Gavin: What did you just wish for?
MC: I... I'm not telling you.
Gavin: Why?
MC: If I say it, it won't come true!
Gavin: That's not true.
Gavin pulled me lightly into his embrace, and I was enveloped by his unmistakable scent.
I could feel that even my own breathing was becoming hurried.
I don't know if it was from the warm of his embrace or from the dolphins frolicking in the water.
But I was sure that all of this was because of Gavin.
Gavin, you were right...
Gavin: What?
MC: Some wishes will still come true even if you say them out loud.
MC: That was a wish about you,m so it's definitely going to come true.
I'm sure, just like this beautiful sunset, my wonderful hopes for the future will also come to pass.
And will come to pass with this person right next to me.