Cape Holiday (Event): Dolphin Tracking

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We handed in our tickets for our boat. As expected, there was no guide, just the boat's driver.
After Gavin talked with the guy for five minutes, the boat didn't even have a driver any more...
Before I could react, Gavin was up on the side of the boat, his hand reached out in front of me.
Gavin: Come on, let's shove off.
I put my hand in his, and he pulled me up onto the boat.
MC: But what about our driver...
As I looked at Gavin, I suddenly put two and two together...
MC: So you're going to be driving this boat?!
Gavin buckled my seatbelt and nodded.
MC: Wow! Gavin, you really know how to drive this thing?
Gavin: Just learned.
MC: !!
Gavin smoothly stared up the boat's engine, turned to me, and said:
Gavin: Don't worry, it's safe. And it'll be easier this way.
MC: What will be easier?
Gavin: Easier to stop or change course whenever we want.
Gavin turned and looked at me earnestly for a few seconds.
Gavin: What did you think I meant?
I shook my head rapidly.
Gavin drove us around expertly all over the sea, but we never saw any sign of dolphins.
MC: We're not having any of that "luck" the ticket agent talked about, are we?
Gavin: We'll keep looking.
MC: We've been looking for almost five hours...
Gavin: ... I'm the one who brought us bad luck.
MC: No way! I'm sure it's because the dolphins have some important business today.
MC: We'll be sure to see some tomorrow!
Gavin didn't say a word. He just reached out and held my hand.
I looked at his hand and pressed back tightly with my own.
We held our hands tight, as if we were watching a dolphin miraculously jumping out right in front of us.