Cape Holiday (Event): Collect Memories

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Cape Holiday (Event) (Victor) Stage: 6 (Story)



Today was the final day of our trip.
Aside from the sudden storm that first day, we've been blessed with great weather ever since.
Victor and I walked side by side down the beach, taking in the lingering sunset.
Amidst the boats, the tourist, and the sound of wind and waves, my heart was at total peace.
Looking at the sunset on the horizon and Victor at my side, these past few days seemed like a dream.
Free of our roles and responsibilities. A holiday just for Victor and me.
I felt like we had grown even closer. Not just superficially, but... something deeper than that.
I turned and looked at Victor, and I finally asked that question I'd been holding back.
MC: So, why did you accept my invitation?
Victor's gaze returned to my face, a little taken aback at why I was asking such a question.
Victor: You didn't want me to accept?
MC: Of course I did! It's just, at first you acted like you didn't want to go...
Victor: Balancing work and rest is very important.
Victor paused, the sea breeze teasing his bangs, and a smile flashed in his eyes.
Victor: You've been thinking about this question all along?
MC: No, but I really wanna know.
The reason's simple.:
It's not because of work, and it's not out of gratitude. It's because of you.:
His spoke measuredly and softly, and I heard every word clearly.:
Victor: Next time don't hesitate like that. I'll always have time, if it's time spent with you.
The waves crashed, an the salty breeze carried the scent of the ocean.
They say vacations are really just about breathing the air. Memories fade, but not that breath.
I so wanted to freeze time in that moment.
I wanted to store this scent, this man's warmth, and these feelings away in a box, never to fade.
MC: Next time, let's come back together.
I didn't hear his answer, but the squeeze of his hand on mine told me it was a "yes".
Not just this time, but every time after.