Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings/Victor

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Hot Summer The skin must be well protected from strong ultraviolet rays on the beach, but Victor refuses to apply sunscreen. You decide to-- Fall down on purpose and apply the sunscreen in hand on him Victor looks at the sunscreen on his body reluctantly. Seeing your mischievous smile, he frowns and applies the sunscreen on all exposed areas.
Give up and let it be! You're about to turn away when Victor stops you, "I'll do it if you insist, but this won't happen again."
Ask Victor why he refused Victor takes out the suntan lotion, "I'm ready to soak up some rays."
1v3 When you wait for Victor in the lobby, you see a girl being harassed by three men. You decide to -- Step forward bravely, "Stay away from her." Seeing you are alone, the man tries hard to grip your arm. At this moment, a familiar figure stands in front of you, "I've called security."
Run to the doorway and call security. The girl is safe now. She bows gratefully to you from afar.
Pretend to be the girl's friend and take her away. Victor turns around but you are gone. So he calls, "Hanging around somewhere, huh?"
President's Taste After warm-up, you are eager to take a dip, but

Victor throws you a camel-shaped swim ring. You--

'You really like camels!' Victor Ignores your complaint and simply puts the swim ring on you. He chuckles when he looks at you.
Believe in yourself and refuse the swim ring Victor looks skeptical, "Take the swim ring, or take me."
‘Is there… another style?’ Victor is insensitive to your unwillingness, “This one is perfect for you.”
Delicacy Temptation You smell the seductive scent from the BBQ stalls on the beach. It’s hard to resist the delicacy. You peek at Victor and decide to-- Ask him to buy you a drink so that you can be alone Victor follows your gaze and sees the BBQ stall, “I don’t think you’re thirsty.”
Look at him eagerly “The food is not sanitary.” Victor gently holds your pursed lips, “I’ll grill you some food tonight”
Avoid looking at the BBQ Victor, as if reading your mind, takes you back to the hotel, “Hungry? I’ll cook for you.”
Ah! Sea! Don't miss the chance to gather seafood on the beach at ebb tide! After learning form the fishman, you carry a bucket, intending to-- Go have a look at the ebbing tide "I'll make seafood soup for you tonight." Victor takes the bucket full of clam shells from you and holds your hand on the way back.
Explore under the stone cliff There is a lot of gravel on the way to the cliff. Victor sighs and guards you to the destination. You find nothing, but it doesn't matter at all.
Just wait on the beach A little crab sees you and shakes its pincers swaggeringly, "Victor would do the same if he were a crab." Your last word is followed by a snort.
Rainy Romance The weather on the beach changes more than imagined. The sun is still hanging in the sky, but it suddenly rains. Now you-- Take out an umbrella wisely "For once, you said it right." Victor shields you with the umbrella, and his shoulder and back are soaked by the rain.
Hide with Victor under the roof Victor gently keeps you behind his back, blocking most of the rain. A lyric pops up in your mind. Suddenly, you wish the rain could last longer.
Enjoy the sun and rain calmly "You think you are shooting a drama?" With that, he pulls you to a shelter from the rain.
Gravity You are drinking coconut juice when passing a coconut tree. At this point, a coconut on the tree is falling down. You-- Push Victor aside Victor covers your head and pulls you into his arms, "I didn't know you were that strong."
Jump off agilely The coconut didn't fall. Victor chuckles at your super dexterous movement.
Just look up at the coconut You find the coconut floating in mid-air. Victor crosses his arms, "Wanna see more?"
Annoying Kid You and Victor are walking on the beach. Suddenly a kid knocks you down and bursts into tears. You-- Pretend to cry with him The kid falls for it and stops crying. He touches your face clumsily, “All pains… Go away!”
Sigh and ask if he's hurt The kid runs away without saying much. You are about to stand up in pain when Victor scoops you up, "Silly."
Wink to Victor and ask for help Victor frowns, wich makes the kid cry even harder. It's rare to see him being so embarrassed and helpless. You can't help laughing.
Cheese! You and Victor are enjoying the sunset, when suddenly a foreign couple stops in front of you and gives you a camera. You-- Take the camera and help them adjust to a nice pose You take a beautiful photo for them, and in return, they kindly offer to take a photo for you two. Victor doesn't refuse.
Can't understand what they say, quite embarrassed Victor replies with ease and takes a photo for them.
Smile and hand the camera to Victor They are very happy with the photo and leave merrily. Victor turns around and pats your head, "How about taking one of you?"
Mystery Cave You hear a bang in the grass behind you and find a hidden cave there after looking into it with trepidation. At this time, you see-- The cave entrance is engraved with a mysterious totem You want to go in and take a look but bite your tongue when you meet Victor's eyes.
A green light flash in the cave You jump back frightened and bump into Victor. He guards you on the walk back, "You do know where to hide when being afraid."
There is a "Tourists Forbidden" sign lying in the grass Victor walks ahead and puts the sign upright, then leads you away, "Let's go somewhere else."
Hat's Trip You and Victor are walking on the beach, when suddenly a strong sea wind hits and blows your hat away. At this time, you-- Chase the hat and run to the sea Victor stops you just in time, "Don't bother, I'll buy you a new one."
Just sigh and think a new one should replace the old one The sea wind suddenly stops and the hat appears somehow in Victor's hand. He brushes off the sand on it and puts in on you again, "Silly."
Find the hat is quite high up and you try hard to reach for it Victor stops you and puts your hand into his, "Forget it. It's an ugly hat anyway."
Hard to Choose While walking on the street, you stepped on your sunglasses that fell on the ground. You have to buy a new pair-- The female version of Victor's You put on the sunglasses and peep at Victor, but you are caught right away. "Good choice. It's on me."
Garish laser star style Without a word, Victor removes the flamboyant sunglasses you're wearing and puts another pair on you wich matches his own.
Elegant, retro round frame "As round as your face." Victor pinches your face slightly, and a few more times for its soft touch until you almost lose your temper.
Sexy or Warmth You just laughed at Victor for wearing too much, but it's suddenly getting cold after the sun sets. You start shivering and-- Don't dare look at him and huddle up to get warm You are covered with a coat. Before you know it, you are already in Victor's arms, "Let's go back."
Can't bear the coldness! Go directly into his arms Victor wraps you in his coat and places his chin on your head, chuckling, "Who's the one that laughed at me this morning?"
Singing a low voice: my passion, like a fire "Unyielding silly girl." Victor takes of his coat and wraps you up in it tightly.
Your Destiny A man who claims to be a fortune-teller stops you, saying that he will tell your fortune for free. You want to know-- Your career in the future As soon as the fortune-teller says that you have a boss who cares about you a lot, Victor shows up and takes you away, "He's got a point."
Your Mr. Right Before the fortune-teller can say who it is, Victor appears behind you suddenly, “I can tell you who.”
Why he set up a stall on the beach You are having a nice chat with the fortune-teller while Victor, feeling left out, becomes sullen.
Ideal Wedding It’s very lively not far on the beach. You and Victor go there and find there’s a wedding. Seeing this romantic scene, you say-- 'The wedding on the beach is so romantic!' Victor holds your hand and looks at the kissing couple, "Well, I think the beach is nice, too."
‘Victor, have you ever thought about where to hold your wedding?’ Victor raises his hand and takes the petals off your hair, “How about you?”
‘They make me jealous…’ “Statisfied so easily?” With that, Victor walks away with you while you’re enchanted.
Listen to the Sea The kids are picking up conches on the beach. You go join them and happen to get a big unique one. You-- Put it near Victor’s ear and ask him what he can hear Victor holds you and listens carefully for a while, “Only the noise from someone silly.”
Run to give it to Victor Victor dusts off the sand on your face gently, "Childish."
Put it into your mouth and try to blow on it Victor puts his hand between your lips and the conch, "Do I need to remind you about the importance of hygiene?"
Shell Bracelet There are many stores that sell shell products on the beach. You plan to buy a shell bracelet and go to-- A small store with a string of shell wind chimes hanging at the door Victor puts an expensive shell bracelet on you, “Take this one, as a reward for your improvement in reporting.”
A big souvenir store wich has all kinds of things The store is crowded. Victor holds your shoulders tightly, "Let's go to another store."
A roadside stall There are only a few hand-made bracelets in the stall, and each of them looks quite delicate. Victor squats down to choose with you.
Daydream You lie in the beach chair under the warm sun, hearing the tide and feeling sleepy. You dream that you become-- The hero in The Legend of 1900 Hearing your whispers in the dream, Victor pulls you into his arms. His heartbeat echoes in your ears, like a soft piano lullaby.
The RMS Titanic in Titanic You tell Victor about it after waking up. He pats your head and can’t help laughing, “So you hit your head really hard that year.”
The elf in Song of the Sea Victor watches you waking up in a daze and holds your hands tightly, “Wherever you are, I won’t let go.”
Seafood Feast You can finally eat the hearty seafood feast you’ve been waiting for. You rub your hands together excitedly and decide to try first-- The perfectly cooked crab meat "Mind your manners." Victor leans over and wipes the scraps from your mouth, then takes the crab from you hand and shells it for you.
The well-decorated sashimi platter "Window dressing." Victor scorns after taking a bite.
The sea salt caramel pudding “Let me try it.” Victor leans over and eats the pudding on your spoon.
Unexpected Visitor While walking, you stumble over something on the beach. You bend down and find it is a drift bottle. You decide to-- Look at the paper inside The paper says, "Please copy the second sheet ten times, otherwise the person you like will.." Victor suddenly turns his back and sneezes.
Ignore it The next day, you ask Victor to write down one wish and put it into the drift bottle, then throw it into the sea.
Pretend that nothing happened Victor thinks it is your drift bottle, "What do you wish for? Tell me."
Get Changed You put on your swimsuit and find a button on the back is broken. You don’t want Victor to wait outside for too long. You decide to-- Put on the swimsuit and a coat Victor notices your unnatural behavior and pushes you back to the fitting room, "Stay here. I'll get you a new one."
Tell Victor the truth Victor takes off his shirt and drapes it over you, “Hang on, I’ll get you a new one."
Change back to your original clothes and go out Victor looks at you confusedly and teases, "Ate too much yesterday and can't fit into the swimsuit?"
Call of the Sea After a long day, you lie on the bed and listen to the tide outside, recalling what happened in the morning. You suddenly decide to-- Sit on the balcony for a while You find Victor sleeping in a chair on the balcony next door. You bend over the handrail and look at him in the moonlight, unwilling to leave.
Turn over and fall asleep with the sound of the tide Not suprisingly, you couldn't sleep the whole night. The next day, Victor looks at the dark circles around your eyes and frowns worriedly, "Come to me if you can't sleep."
Put on the coat and take a walk on the beach Victor walks out the moment you open the door, he holds your hand naturally, eyes beaming with joy.
Noisy Alarm You promised Victor to get up early to see the sunrise at sea together. Just as you fall asleep, your phone alarm rings. You will-- Turn off the alarm and keep sleeping It's already morning when you wake up. Your scalp tingles when you see a list of missed calls on your phone.
Get up reluctantly Victor waits in the lobby and puts a coat on you when you arrive, “First time to see the sunrise?”
Hold the phone and sleep for another five minutes Your phone rings again. You open your eyes and find that it's Victor calling, "You have ten minutes. Dress warm."
Coastal Road Victor gives you a ride on the coastal road. The waves are shining in the sunshine, and you turn the lens of your phone to-- Victor who is driving The flecks of sunlight fall on his hair. You see him mouthing "Silly" on the screen.
The distant horizon The car slows down. Smiling, you glance at Victor as he drives, and take some really good landscape photos.
Yourself You lean yourself sideways and make a face at the lens with Victor as the background. In the end, he takes this photo away.
Scary Night A flash of lightning breaks through the sky, and you wake up in a burst of thunder. You are scared and decide-- To cover the quilt over your head and ears You hear sharp knocks at the door. After seeing Victor through the peephole, you open the door immediately and throw yourself into his arms.
Whether to text Victor Victor's message pops out at the same time: Chill out. I'm on my way.
To put on your headphones The music drowns out the thunder. You drift off to sleep again.
Once Upon a Time When setting sail, you suddenly recall some sea legends. Although you think Victor won't believe them, you still tell him-- 'I heard lovers can be happy forever if they kiss on the cliffs!' Victor frowns, "It's safer on land."
'I've heard that we can see heart-shaped clouds by the sea!' "We're heading to a place with heart-shaped clouds and..." Looking at your excited face, Victor decides to keep you in suspense.
'I've heard... Listen to me carefully!' Victor signs resignedly, leans on the handrail and listens to your random jokes.
Sea Pianist You hear a piano from the corner of the street. Seeing you standing on the side for a while, the pianist asks if you want to play. You-- Accept the invitation You play a soft and warm song from your memory. When the song ends, you see Victor standing on the other side with a gentle glow in his eyes.
Refuse his invitation Victor looks a little disappointed, but still listens to another of the pianist's songs with you.
Feel a little hesitant Victor pushes you forward gently, "I'd like to hear it too."
The Road Not Taken You take Victor and walk into the cave leading to the other side of the beach. There are two branches in front and you choose to-- Go to the left The road in the cave is rough. Victor holds you up, "Are you eating too much these days?"
Go to the right You run into a dead end. Victor pats your head reassuringly, "Let's try the other way."
Look at Victor Victor holds your hand on the walk back, "It's not safe here. Let's go around from the outside."
You Look Alike You and Victor wander in the Undersea Tunnel, when a wave of marine creatures swim over. You find one look alike to him-- Turtle After hearing that, Victor starts to ponder. He turns around from you, so that he can observe his expression on the glass wall.
Manta Ray Victor raises his eyes with a cold look, "I assume you want to work remotely."
Clownfish Victor scratches your nose, "I think it's more like you, so silly."
Seaside Counselor It's very important to prepare for a trip to the beach by applying sunscreen. Looking at the excess pile of sunscreen in your hand, you decide to-- "I wish I will never have to revise reports again!!" "The sea can't help you with that." Victor stands next to you out of nowhere, and you are startled.
"Give me courage to say that to him!" Victor chuckles next to you, "Just say it."
"Victor, you are a big fool!!!" You turn around and find Victor, who has been waiting for a long time. He raises his eyebrow slightly. "Now who's the idiot? Hmm?"