Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings/Lucien

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Summer Essentials To prepare for a trip to the beach, applying sunscreen is essential. With the excess pile of sunscreen in your hand, you decide to-- Stand on your tiptoes and apply the sunscreen on Lucien's face quietly. Lucien evades your attack cleverly. He catches your hand and paints your face in turn.
Ask Lucien to wipe the sunscreen on your back Lucien agrees to your request. With his finger pulp circling around on your back, you can't help flushing under the shade of the tree.
Apply more sunscreen on your neck "Let me help you apply it evenly here." Lucien applies the extra sunscreen along your shoulder line all the way to your shoulder.
Passerby A Lucien's beach pants are soiled by the careless waitstaff while eating, and you are going to buy him a new one. With the colorful pants in front. Pretend not to hear him and pass by quickly You wave your hand without saying anything. The man thinks you are deaf and stops pestering you.
"I am waiting for someone...," try to refuse euphemistically Before you finish your words, Lucien holds your shoulder gently, "What's wrong?"
Ask Lucien for help, who is near the baggage turntable Lucien doesn't receive your distress signal, but the man sees him and gives up.
Hard to Choose You and Lucien are walking along a special local street. Seeing the various swim rings hanging by the street, you want to: Buy a yellow-duck swim ring Lucien glances at you and smiles, "Very cute."
Let Lucien help you choose one Lucien indicates that you don’t need a swim ring there, “And you have me. Don’t be afraid.”
Just buy two normal swim rings There is a gleam of surprise in Lucien's eyes, but he says nothing. Instead, he takes the two swim rings from the proprietor for you.
Seaside BBQ You smell the scent from the BBQ stalls on the beach and can't help but salivate and shake Lucien's hand. ‘Let’s eat here for dinner.’ Lucien declines your offer mildly, saying that the dinner has already been arranged.
‘Buy two skewers of grilled squid to eat, okay?’ Lucien bends down and whispers to you, “I heard that someone ate street food and it didn’t end well last night.”
Say nothing Lucien knows that you just feel like eating something, so he buys two skewers of grilled seafood for you.
Random Adventures With help from the locals, you start gathering seafood on the beach. After a brief explanation, you start taking some initiative. Go to the left You've collected a lot of shells. Looking at your sparkling eyes and bounty, Lucien chuckles, "Now we know what's for dinner."
Go to the right You step on a hard starfish and almost fall, luckily Lucien grabs you in time.
Go towards the sea You find a small ghost crab and want to catch it, but it quickly runs away and disappears. You look upset. Lucien gives you the ghost crab he just caught.
Changeable June The weather changes quite frequently in June. It was sunny just now, but suddenly it begins to rain heavily. At this time-- You run to the roadside stall to buy an umbrella All roadside stalls are selling swimsuits, swim gear, and surf gear. No umbrella can be found.
Take Lucien to the small roadside store to take cover from rain While running, Lucien holds you in his arms and shields you from the rain.
Run fearlessly in the rain Lucien grabs you in time, frowning. "It will stop raining soon. Let's find a shelter somewhere."
Guest from the Sky You and Lucien are walking on the road, when suddenly a coconut falls down from the coconut tree, you Dodge to the right You forget that Lucien is on your right and bump into his arms.
Push Lucien aside The coconut hits where Lucien was just standing. Lucien looks at your face tenderly, "Thank you."
Stand idly You feel pain in your arm, and before you know it, you are already in Lucien's arms. The coconut hits where you were just standing.
Local Children A group of kids are playing on the road in front of you. Suddenly, one of them rushes over to you. You Avoid him quickly Unexpectedly, you slip. You can't stand firm and then tumble. Fortunately, Lucien grabs you so that you don't fall on the ground.
Remind the kid to be ‘careful’ The kid is a local boy. He doesn't understand your reminder and bumps right into you.
Close your eyes and wait to be hit ‘My little fool,’ you hear someone whispering in your ear. And the next moment, you are lifted off the ground.
Memento You see the beautiful scenery and want to take a photo of it as a memento. You choose to Take a selfie with your phone Your arms are not long enough to take a good picture. Lucien looks at your puffing face and chuckles. He wraps his arm around your waist closely and takes an intimate selfie with you.
Give the phone to Lucien and ask him to take your picture When Lucien gives the phone back to you, you find that all of the photos he took are focused on your face and the sceneries are all blurred.
Find a passerby to take a group photo of You and Lucien The passerby takes a photo for you to and praises in poor English that you are a perfect match. You bury your face in Lucien’s chest and look away.
Cave Exploration You and Lucien encounter an unfathomable cave while wandering on the island. You decide to Go into it to explore Lucien curls his lips and asks, “If you are interested, shall we go back and get some adventure gear?”
Go back with Lucien Lucien curls his lips and asks, "If you are interested, shall we go back and get some adventure gear?"
Go back to the B&B and ask more people to explore together No one in the B&B is bold enough to explore caves with you.
Accident in the Wind The sea wind breezes gently, but suddenly your sunhat is blown away. Now you Run after the hat and get it back The hat flies high in the sky. You can only watch it flying toward the distant ocean.
Let the wind blow away your hat, when you can't do anything with it. You look depressed. Lucien rubs your hair and promises to get you a new one.
Ask Lucien for help Lucien is tall enough to catch your hat. He's so fast that you can't even see clearly what's going on.
Makeshift The sun is shining, but you find you forgot your sunglasses when going out. You decide to buy a pair at the scenic spot Lovely sunglasses You return to Lucien with a pair of lovely sunglasses. You make a face at him and make him laugh.
Sunglasses with local features The seller appreciates your attempt to adapt to local customs and offers you a 50% off discount. Seeing your new style, Lucien turns his face away but still breaks into laughter.
Normal sunglasses, anything that can block light is okay Seeing the sunglasses you wear, Lucien frowns and takes them off, "It will hurt your eyes, wear mine."
Cooling Time The temperature varies greatly from morning to evening on the beach. After the sun sets, you feel so chilled that you-- Hug Lucien and lie in his arms to keep warm Lucien takes the opportunity to hold you more tightly. You curl up against his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
Can't help but hold Lucien's hand to keep warm Lucien is aware of your intention and hugs you, "Is it warmer now?"
Can't help but sneeze "Do you feel cold?" With that, Lucien takes off his shirt and puts it on you, "Hang in there. We'll get to the B&B soon."
Destined Marriage You are stopped by a fortune-teller unexpectedly here: Miss, let me tell you-- Listen curiously to what he will say The fortune-teller says that your Mr. Right is just around the corner. You blush at the thought of Lucien who comes here with you.
Interrupt him indifferently by saying "I don't want to know anything." The fortune-teller says that you will get into great trouble. You know this is only superstition, but it still ruins your day.
Interrupt cleverly by saying, "The future secrets are secret." The fortune-teller is speechless, and you take the chance to run away. After hearing your story, Lucien chuckles and scratches your nose, "Clever girl."
Seaside Wedding You and Lucien are walking on the beach and happen to meet a young couple who are holding a wedding here. You Watch silently and don’t bother As you watch the groom and the bride exchanging vows, you feel Lucien is gripping your hand more tightly.
Go forward and bless them The groom and the bride accept your blessing happily, and in return send their blessing to you and Lucien, wishing you two an eternal love.
Whisper with Lucien After listening to your longings for the wedding, Lucien smiles and kisses your forehead, “I got it, my girl.”
Blow the Conch You pick up a small conch on the beach. Feeling excited, you-- Put it near Lucien’s ear and let him listen to the sea. Lucien tells you that he heard the heartbeat of a little fool in the conch.
Put it to your mouth and try to blow on it. You hear a click and look back, seeing Lucien holding a phone. He takes a picture of you blowing into the conch with bulging cheeks.
Show it to Lucien like a treasure. ‘People say there’s the sound of waves in it.’ You put the conch to your ear as Lucien told you, only hearing the nuts in your brain.
Strange Bracelet The peddler asks you to buy her self-made shell bracelet. Looking at the strange bracelet, you Decide to buy one as a souvenir Lucien ties the bracelet for you. The coldness of the shells and the warmness of his fingers pass to your wrist, making you blush.
Decide to buy two and give one to Lucien Lucien appreciates your kindness, and asks you if you could tie up the bracelet for him. He really likes your gift.
Don't want to buy, but can hardly turn down the warm-hearted peddler Lucien thanks the peddler for her hospitality and praises her craftsmanship, then puts an arm around your shoulder naturally and takes you away.
Seeing the Moment The clear sea and warm beach reminds you of a movie about the sea. Manchester by the Sea Lucien knows what’s on your mind and speaks softly. “The happiness at hand is to be cherished more, isn’t it?”
You call The Cove Recalling human's cruelty in the movie, you have no appetite through the whole day. Noticing your depression, Lucien knock on your door before sleep and sends you a dolphin wind chime.
You recall The Deep End of the Ocean Recalling the human nature exposed in the movie, your holiday spirit is gone. Lucien hugs your shoulder and quietly listens to you.
Which One to Choose How can you miss out on the seafood on the beach? Faced with a pot of fresh seafood, you want to try first The rare seafood that you have never seen before You've got an allergy, luckily it isn't too serious. But you still have to stay indoors for two days. During these two days, Lucien is always by your side and reads stories to you.
The most common seafood The seafood is fresh and you eat a lot. Lucien can't help but grin after seeing your great appetite.
Lucien's dish "Is my gluttonous kitty sneaking the fish?" Lucien says with a sense of sly humor and pushes his dish towards you, indulging your gluttonous sin.
Wishing Bottle You hold a drift bottle and find Lucien: "Lucien, look, I just found this on the beach." “Let’s open it, okay?” He observes the drift bottle for a while and refuses your proposal, “We’d better not open it directly.”
“Is there a treasure map inside?” Lucien observes the drift bottle fora while and smiles, "Maybe there is indeed a huge secret in it."
“Let’s throw it back and let it go on drifting.” Lucien takes the paper out of the bottle and has a quick look. He smiles warmly, "You don't need to wish, I can realize everything you wish for.
Seaside Crew You are walking on the beach, when you suddenly see a film crew that is filming, you decide to Ask for a signature first You are not familiar with these actors and have no idea who you should ask for an autograph. You look at Lucien helplessly and he whispers something in your ear.
Sneak close, record video and post online, in case there is a super star You are driven away by the security who has sharper eyes than you do before you get close to the crew.
Turn a blind eye and pass by At this time someone calls you: Hi Miss! I turns out that the crew needs the extras and asks if you want to join. Lucien gives you an encouraging look.
Crisis You are walking in the woods near the coast, when you suddenly hear someone calling for help on the coast: HELP! HELP! You will Worry about him and go have a look on the beach Seeing the tranquil sea and empty beach, you doubt whether you really heard something just now.
Go back and find someone good at swimming to save him You make a call to Lucien and he brings the lifeguard. The little boy with calf cramps is saved. The boy’s parents invite you to have a meal to express their gratitude.
Pretend not to hear them and run away with ears covered It preys on your conscience and you can't fall asleep. You were to go sea fishing with Lucien on the next day but you lay in the bed for a whole day due to dizziness.
Midnight Horror You are lying in bed in the middle of the night, and there seems to be a woman crying outside the window: Boohoo-- Someone must be watching TV next door, the soundproofing is too bad. You are optimistic enough to sleep well all night long and remain cheerful the next day. You happily go snorkeling with Lucien.
You tell yourself that this is the sound of the waves On the next day you tell Lucien about the cry you heard. He confirms your guess and musses your hair reassuringly.
You recall the ghost story that you have heard before You are so freaking out that you can't fall asleep. At this time, a text message from Lucien has arrived: It's the waves. If you are still afraid... I'm just outside the door.
Beach Drawing With fingers touching the soft and delicate sands, you think of the beach drawing you have seen before, so you Draw a chibi portrait of you and Lucien on the beach Lucien sees your great work and adds a few more strokes. Now the drawing looks more like you and Lucien.
Draw a simple big smile on the beach Lucien adds the haircut to your smiling face, matching your look. "I hope that i can always see your smile like this.
Let Lucien draw anything on the beach as a memento Lucien smiles resignedly, “Anything is the hardest request.”
Dirty Beach Pants Lucien's beach pants are soiled by the careless waitstaff while eating, and you are going to buy him a new one. With the colorful pants in front You choose the purple beach pants Lucien takes the beach pants you bought and expresses his sincere gratitutde.
You choose the green dotted beach pants Lucien politely declines your beach pants and says he has some spare ones in his room.
You choose the black and white houndstooth beach pants You thought Lucien might like this pair of beach pants, while he declines you. "This pattern may fit you more closely."
Lie Awake at Night It's late, but you can't fall asleep because you drank too much coffee during the day. Now you choose to Text Lucien Lucien doesn't sleep either. He calls you back and counts the sheep for you until you fall asleep.
Call Lucien Lucien's phone is on silent mode. He is reading in his room and doesn't answer your phone.
Knock on Lucien's door The door is open right after your knock. "Can't fall asleep due to the coffe? Come in, my little fool."
Sea Swimming You have bought a beautiful swimsuit, planning to go swimming in the sea. You decide to Go swimming in the morning so that you can do other things later The water is cold in the morning. Once you step into the sea you get cramp. Lucien keeps massaging you for a long time before you get over it.
Go swimming in the afternoon and watch the sunset by the way After seeing the beautiful sunset and swimming for a whale of time, you pitch into the food with rare appetite. Lucien jokes that you look like a starving alley cat.
Go swimming at noon, when it's the warmest Your back and shoulder get a sunburn. Blushed, you ask Lucien to apply some aloe vera gel on you.
Beach Bar The beach bar looks intriguing at night. You enter a bar without letting Lucien know. Looking at the menu, you hesitate and order: Beer After the beer, you are wandering along the beach with a full belly, then you see someone familiar striding towards you from a long way off.
Cocktail You get drunk soon. You can’t remember how you get back to your room on the next day, but you’ve dreamed about Lucien.
Red wine A familiar smiling face shows up right after your wine is served, "That's why you made me rest early."
Leisure Holiday You have rested enough, preparing to walk out of the resort and wander in the lively business zone. Your first choice is to: Find a cafe and watch the barista's latte art You thought you could meet Lucien on the cafe but you didn't. So you watch the barista's latte art for the whole afternoon.
Experience the local body painting The artificer paints your face. You ask Lucien if you look like an elf. Lucien smiles and says you look more like his Venus rather than an elf.
Go to the creative store You meet Lucien at the creative store. An orange cat here is lying on its back against Lucien's feet. It seems that the cat likes him very much.
Travel Diaries In order to remember your good memories, you have been writing in the notebook since the first day of travel. The diaries are Mostly related to Lucien Lucien sees you writing in the notebook. He asks with smiling eyes, "Is it my observation diary?"
A gourmet notebook with the theme of eating You eat a lot of local specialties in order to enrich your gourmet notebook. Lucien admires your attitude towards life.
Basically day-to-day accounts, recording what is down every day You can't remember specifically what you've done today and ask Lucien to recall that together with you. You discover that he remembers more details than you do.