Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings/Kiro

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Summer Care You can't let the blazing sun on the beach hurt the skin. You take out the sunscreen and-- Stand on tiptoe and apply it on Kiro's face Looking down grinningly, Kiro gets his face close to you with an eager look.
Apply it all over your body You have to ask Kiro to help you with the back, "...don't turn around." You hear his muffled voice and find his fingertips on your back a little hot.
Want to try the recent popular "Sunscreen Skin Painting" Kiro comes to you and draws a symmetrical symbol together with you on the back of the hand.
Comic Imitation Thinking about 'something must happen on the beach in a manga...' Kiro approaches you with a cheeky grin, 'Miss, wanna have some fun?' You can't help but laugh "It's clearly a serious pick-up line." Kiro pouts and laughs with you.
You reach out and touch his face, 'Okay, you are the boss~' Kiro pouts and turns his head around, "You are so uncooperative, Miss Chips..."
You pretend to be afraid, "Where's the hero to save me?" Kiro takes the opportunity to hug you, "Here it is!"
Preference Thinking about your swimming skills, you plan to buy a swimg ring. Looking at the swim rings placed on the shelf, you prefer: The Flamingo-shaped swim ring Kiro takes the swim ring from you, "It is kind of cool!"
The watermelon-shaped swim ring "Looks yummy." Kiro puts the swim ring on you, "Haha, you look even more yummy now."
The heart-shaped swim ring Kiro takes the swim ring from you, "Your heart is mine, and you can't take it back~"
Mutual Affinity You and Kiro are walking on the beach. The sea breeze brings a familiar and seductive scent, and you look at each other-- "I know you want to eat that!" "It have to be that!", Kiro holds your hand all the way to the seaside BBQ stall, "Mister, two skewers of grilled squid, please. Not too spicy for one of them!"
You laugh and gesture a V Kiro thinks for a while and shakes his forefinger, "There will be yummier food later, so we will just have one portion now~"
You smell the scent carefully and point to a direction Kiro winks at you. You exchange a tacit smile and both run to the BBQ stall.
Prepare for Dinner You happen to join the seafood gathering activity, and all seafood you got can be cooked for a hearty dinner. You decide to go to-- The spacious beach The beach has been nearly dug out. You busy yourself for the whole afternoon, only coming back empty-handed.
The remote rocks There are lots of shells between the rocks. However the rocks are so slippery that you nearly fall into the sea. Luckily the eagle-eyed Kiro quickly takes you into his arms.
The shallow sea Carrying a small bucket, Kiro shovels earnestly by your side. The sea wind breezes softly. His eyes kindle with joy when he digs out the first shell.
Your Appointment You promised Kiro to meet at the beach statue after his work, but it suddenly rains and you are trapped in the pavilion. So you Rush to the agreed place in heavy rain Once you run out you see a familiar figure, "I couldn't get through to your phone and I'm afraid that you'd come." The sodden Kiro takes you into his arms and runs towards the shelter.
Call Kiro first to ask him where he is It takes a long time to get the call through, "The rain is too heavy, wait for me at the pavilion." After that he sneezes, "I am not at the statue~ Trust me!"
Stay in the pavilion, praying for the heavy rain to stop Suddenly a figure breaks into the pavilion. Kiro is so wet despite holding an umbrella. "Got you~ I couldn't run fast opening the umbrella. It's nice that you are dry."
Sudden Idea You suddenly find there is a coconut tree on the beach with coconuts hanging from it. At this time, you-- Suspect this is just a fake decorative tree and pat it on the trunk A coconut falls after you pat on the tree. You and Kiro jump tacitly towards the same direction then high-five cheerfully.
Take Kiro to the market, "Let's buy some coconut juice to drink!" Kiro looks up to the coconuts on the tree, "Maybe we can do it by ourselves~"
Look up worriedly, "If a coconut falls, it will hurt." "It hurts!" Kiro tells you the story of him and coconuts in his previous program.
Water Gun Battle A group of kids are having fun on the beach, and a kid is squirting a water pistol. Seeing him attacking you, you-- Dodge the water agilely This is a perfect dodge. The kids surround you with admiration. Kiro mingles with them and flicks the kid's forehead.
No time to hide! So you have to cover your body with your hands. You find yourself at Kiro's back. He stretches his sodden clothes and squats down in front of the boy. "A cool water gun warrior can't shoot randomly."
Are so nervous that you pull Kiro to you by accident He takes you into his arms, "Ah, Miss Chipps... I got shot... At least in the end... Let me hug you a bit longer..."
Beautiful Moment Of course you should take some beautiful seascape photo, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get an ideal photo, so you-- Keep fiddling with the poor SLR camera Kiro holds you from the back and helps you set a few values. He takes your hand to hold the camera, "Have a try this time~"
Plan to try a different angle You find a good position. When you adjust the angle you capture Kiro's profile by chance. Suddenly you forget the gorgeous clouds. With the wind breezing softly, his smile is all you can see.
Give up shooting "Maybe it doesn't need to be so complicated~" Lying against you, Kiro turns on the selfie mode of the phone. You two smile happily as the sky and the sea merge into a harmonious background.
Mysterious Light Suddenly you see a flash of light. You follow it, and find a strange cave, you-- Decide to go into the cave and check it out Kiro grabs your hand and his face looks pale, "let's forget it..."
Feel a little scared and hesitantly stay where you are The light in the cave flashes again, Kiro grabs your hand and runs away immediately.
Think of the adventure story you just read and pull Kiro away Kiro rubs your cold fingertips, "Miss Chips, a super funny joke just came to me, which is..."
A Prank of Wind You and Kiro are enjoying the seascape on the tour bus, when a gust of wind blows the sunhat off your head. You-- Immediately ask the driver to stop, get off and run after it The hat drops on the side of the road after floating for a few meters, you breathe a sigh of relief and go pick it up.
Lean out and try to grab it Kiro holds your waist and frowns, "Let's buy a new one when we get off."
Sigh in the seat helplessly Kiro doesn't know how to console you, and he takes out the phone and searches for nearby hat stores.
Sunglasses Effect You pass by a special sunglasses store and get attracted by the sunglasses of various strange styles in the store. "Wow! This one is so cool!" You and Kiro each wear a pair of super cool sunglasses and pose happily at the mirror.
Thinking of the sunglasses in your bag, you restrain yourself After getting out of the store, Kiro takes out the pair of sunglasses that you like the most and gives it to you as if to present a treasure, "Boss! It's a token of my best regards!"
You pick up a pair of super cute sunglasses and put them on Kiro Kiro strikes a cute pose and winks at you, "Producer, hurry up and pick me!"
Temp Gets Low You didn't expect the temperature at the seaside to vary so greatly. As you regret forgetting to bring a coat, you-- Shiver Kiro unzips his coat and wraps it around you, "Ah, I'm so careless that I forgot to bring a coat for you..."
Move close to Kiro Kiro takes off his coat and lets you wear it, "It's getting cold, let's go back~"
Pace to and fro. "Let's... Go for a run!" Suddenly Kiro carries you in his arms and makes you throw your arms round him, "Hold tight, I will run!"
Destiny It is said that there is a magical fortune-teller nearby. You go there out of curiosity and see a lot of people standing in line at the door. You decide to-- Join them since you're already here The fortune-teller says that the young lovers nowadays all like to come here separately. You don't get him until you come back to find a similar queueing plate on Kiro's table.
Watch at the door as an onlooker A black figure with a hygiene mask gets out of the door and you follow him. Kiro finds out it is you and gives you a bear hug while grinning.
Leave because it's going to take a long time "The fortune teller was right!" You hear the conversation of the passerby and decide to come earlier next time.
Girl's Dream You and Kiro find that a small-sized wedding is being held in the small garden by the sea at this time. You-- Watch quietly in the distance with Kiro "I do." You hear the lines of the groom and turn around to find Kiro looking at you with smiles on his face.
Move closer excitedly alone You catch the bouquet from the bride and happily run towards Kiro from afar. The distance between you two feels like the length of the wedding carpet.
Can't help expressing your admiration when you see the decoration of the wedding "Do you like it?" After you nod, Kiro takes your hand, "Yes, my princess."
Childhood Memory After the tide has ebbed, you find a large conch on the beach, so you-- Put it to your ear "There is no sound of the sea." You put the conch back to the sea disappointedly.
Run to show it to Kiro Kiro looks narrowly at the conch, "Can you teach me how to play it?"
Put it to your mouth and try to blow into it. You blow the conch with cheeks bulging, without a sound coming from it. Kiro laughs out loud when seeing your crimson cheeks.
Creative Bracelet There are carved shells on the roadside stall, which can be strung into personal bracelets according to your preferences. You-- Make a bracelet for yourself with great interest You take the first letter of your name, then a K. Suddenly you blush.
Plan to make one for Kiro as a gift He is so happy after receiving the gift and says he will cherish it.
Have a look but don't want to buy it You turn around to see that Kiro has already squatted down and begun to pick at the stall. You have to join him.
Reverie When walking, you hear a couple discussing sea-related movies. On this topic, the first movie you think of is-- Life of Pi "People are more willing to be convinced by what they believe." Hearing your words, Kiro nods, "Just like I always believe what you say."
50 First Dates Just when you are thinking back the hero's countless confessions, a bunch of bright yellow flowers shows up right before you Kiro hands you the flowers. "They look beautiful~ So I picked them for you."
Moana Thinking about this girl's adventure at sea in the movie, you feel relaxed with your heart floating to somewhere afar with the sea wind.
Seafood Temptation At the seaside, you have to try fresh seafood caught on the spot. You and Kiro have checked several restaurants. Finally you choose-- A seafood buffet restaurant full of people You've been waiting for a long time. Once you step into the restaurant, Kiro is recognized. The crowd is seething at once and you run away quickly.
A small but warmly decorated restaurant in the corner The proprietor is a local fisherman. The boss lady prepares a full table of delicious food and you eat very well.
A random one chose after you turned round three times with your eyes closed because you can't decide You reserve a restaurant with poor service and the seafood is not as fresh as you expected. Your holiday mood is ruined.
From Afar There is a drift bottle floating in the sea. When you open it, you find that it says-- 'Friend from afar, I wish you happiness forever.' Under the warm sunlight, Kiro falls asleep in the sun lounger. Seeing his peaceful profile, you find the world tranquil and nice.
'I hope to meet you.' Kiro leans against you. After seeing the content of the paper he quickly puts it back into the drift bottle and throws it back into the sea, "That doesn't count."
'I've buried all the treasures here...' You are surprised and take it to Kiro. He carefully studies the image on the paper and confirms that it's a distorted Spongebob.
Seaside Craftsman You take part in a sand-building activity, and the winner will receive a super luxurious gift. You're going to build-- A castle You don't have the proportion of the sand and water right and create a strange and mysterious thing. Kiro refuses to help and can't stop laughing.
A pyramid You carefully gather the sand together and don't realize that Kiro has already filmed the whole process.
A mountain You build a half-person tall "mountain". All judges are wondering where the sand comes from and forget to rate.
Seaside Fireworks Seaside celebrations are always accompanied by fireworks. Watching the beautiful fireworks in the night sky, you hold Kiro's hand-- Say nothing Kiro leans his head against yours. Your shadows melt into one under the fireworks.
'How beautiful!' "Beautiful~" You think Kiros is talking about the fireworks. You turn around and find that he has been looking at you.
'The firework show is a must-see at the seaside!' Kiro shakes your hand and promises to bring you to the seaside for fireworks every year.
Beach Volleyball You are invited to join a beach volleyball team of passersby, and the opponent gives you a smash hit on the first pitch. You-- Dodge nimbly You play beach volleyball as dodge ball and make your teammates awkward.
Brace yourself to go for it You fall against the sand and twist your ankle. Kiro is very concerned and carries you off the court.
Quickly wink at Kiro Kiro nimbly switches positions with you and gets the ball.
Afternoon Nap You wake up in a beach chair and find Kiro's coat on you. You look around, but you can't find him-- You're still sleepy so you decide to continue to sleep You vaguely feel like being softly carried. The familiar smell makes you fall into a sweet dream.
You decide to get up and look for Kiro Once you set out you see Kiro bringing two cold drinks, "Did you sleep well?"
You walk to the beach to refresh You can't help trembling when touching the cold water. At that night you caught a cold.
Shining Meteor The night sky at the sea is speckled with stars. Kiro is telling you legends about a star, when a meteor streaks across the sky. You-- Close your eyes to make a wish Kiro winks at you, "Does the wish have something to do with me?"
'Was that a meteor just now?" Kiro shakes his head to signify that he doesn't see it clearly either.
Take out your phone and post it on Moments Kiro publishes a Moment titled "With her" with the similar scene. Then your phone is bursting with messages and calls.
Speedboat Trip The speedboat leaves a long trail behind on the sea. Kiro controls the speedboat skillfully and you sit behind him-- "Didn't know you can drive a speedboat!" Kiro strikes a handsome pose, "There are still lots of unknown things that wait to be discovered~"
"It's...It's a little too fast!" He slows down hastily and placates you apologetically.
"There's a sea island over there! Shall we go and have a look?" The sea island is much farther than you thought so you just go back to the shore after wandering a while.
A Song For You On a lazy sun-drenched afternoon, Kiro sits next to you with his guitar in his arms. You want to hear him sing-- A quiet love song The tender sunglight scatters on his face, and he plays the guitar. "I will find you. I've found you, and only you."
His hit song Through his voice, you seem to see him shining on the stage. Kiro smiles at you. Now the golden bright boy is that close to you.
A happy ditty Kiro jiggle about with his own rhymes in the soft sea breeze. It seems that you will never lose your smile as long as he is here.
Following the Mood The enthusiastic locals recommend a few nice places to you, and you decide to first go to-- An art commercial area that sells all kinds of unique accessories You wander around for a whole afternoon and buy a very special necklace.
A special bar You order a good-looking cocktail. Just when you are about to drink, someone holds your hand, "Miss Chips~ What are you doing?"
A gourmet street with local specialities Kiro knows that you went to the gourmet street without him. He feels it was unfair and asks you for compensation.
Out of Expectation Kiro's whereabouts are exposed, and the shore is crowded with his fans. Look at him hiding in a bear doll, you decide to-- Abandon him You go to the shore and pretend to pick up the phone, "What? Kiro is in the hotel? I will be right there!" The fans believe your words and run away.
Stay with him "Sorry..." The bear doll lowers its head slightly. You kiss its forehead gently, "It's good, too."
Call his agent The agent pops a smoke bomb and solves the problem, "Be more careful!!!" The agent can't help roaring.
Before Leaving Before leaving, you go to buy some beautiful postcards to write to Kiro-- "The trip is really enjoyable." After a half month you receive a bear doll. Kiro sends a text message to explain that this is the return present of the postcard.
"Next year, let's come here again!" Kiro calls you once he receives the postcard, "We can go there next year, the year after next, three years from now, and every year."
"Let's travel again in autumn~" A month later you see a talk show featuring Kiro. He says, "I'm afraid that I won't be available in autumn, because I have already made an appointment with someone important."