Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings/Gavin

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Event Name Scenario Options Results
Gavin & Sunscreen The sun on the beach is terrible,so you take out your sunscreen and walk to Gavin Invite Gavin to apply sunscreen together Gavin refuses your invitation but sill carefully applies the sunscreen on you.
Ask Gavin to help you apply it on your back Gavin takes the sunscreen and applies it on your neck carefully.
Your hand slips, and the sunscreen hits Gavin... Gavin catches the sunscreen and says, "How could you be so careless?" He pulls you close and applies the sunscreen on you.
Strange Chat-up When Gavin is absent, a strangely dressed man suddenly appears and accosts you. You-- "You look fashionable. Are you from outer space?" The man thinks that he has met someone even odder and runs away with fear in his eyes.
Call Gavin over loudly Gavin takes you into his arms and questions the man in a cold voice, "What are you up to?"
Run behind Gavin quickly The man freaks out at the sight of Gavin and flees.
Magical Swim Ring You are going to swim in the sea. How can you do that without a swim ring? So you-- Buy a donut-shaped swim ring Gavin leads you into the sea, smiling, "It's cute."
Buy a huge swim mat You take Gavin to lay on the swim mat with you, and you enjoy the cozy sunbath together.
Eventually decide not to buy anything You freak out by the huge waves. You cling to Gavin the rest of the time and dare not let him go.
Seaside BBQ You take part in your longed-for seaside BBQ. You-- Grill shrimps for Gavin With a dish of grilled shrimps in your hands, you are unable to watch for the road. You fall and drop the shrimps onto Gavin.
Eat the grilled steak happily You ate something wrong and were sent to the clinic. You stay there for the whole night so the BBQ plan is gone.
Eat the grilled fish happily Gavin takes your hands and gently wipes off the sauce from your lips.
Seafood Gathering When you chase the waves to pick up seafood on the beach, you suddenly feel like you're stepping on something-- Wow! It's a starfish! You take a picture with Gavin and the starfish, finding that you two are making the peace sign. You laugh, "Does it look like a family?", Gavin smiles without saying a word.
It turns out to be a stranded shrimp! It stings your foot. Gavin carries you in his arms and takes you to the clinic for disinfection. He also cancels your sea adventure in the next two days.
Ah! It's a fish! You are panic and run towards Gavin. Gavin takes you into his arms, "Don't be scared, it's just a fish."
Naughty Kid When you are walking on the beach, suddenly a naughty kids runs towards you menacingly. You-- React and dodge aside quickly You dodge too hard, twist your ankle, and fall down on the beach. Gavin carries you in his arms all the way to the hotel and applies medicine for you.
Withstand the kid's attack with your hands You are bumped by the naughty kid. Fortunately you don't get hurt.
Can't react and freeze Gavin quickly pulls you in this his arms and dodges to the side.
Get a Small Conch When walking on the beach , you find a conch-- Suddenly you think of that nursery rhyme and try to blow into the conch You can only make a vague sound but Gavin smiles, "It sounds nice."
Listen to see if you can hear the waves Gavin takes the opportunity to whisper in your ear...
Show it to Gavin excitedly Gavin takes it and lets you get close to listen. Gavin kisses your cheek once you come close, "How about this return present?"
Fortune-telling Today, when you are walking with Gavin, you meet a fortune-teller who insists on telling you about your fortunes. You decide to-- Just... Try marriage. The fortune-teller says some confusing things and you don't understand a word. Gavin frowns and takes you away.
Walk away with Gavin The fortune-teller runs after you and shouts, "Miss, your Mr. Right is right beside you!"
Ask many aspects and details The fortune-teller is bothered by you and intends to flee. You turn around and meet Gavin's eyes. He seems to be in a good mood, "What did you want to ask just now? Marriage?"
Seaside Cinema Looking at this vast ocean, you think of a film about the sea, and start talking to Gavin about-- Classic scenes in Titanic Gavin hugs you and consoles you in a gentle voice, "I will always be by your side, for good."
The protagonist in The Blue Planet This docu makes you lament the fragility of life. For the whole day you are affected by a certain sense of heroism, and you treasure more the "hero" right beside you.
The plot of Finding Nemo As you speak, you suddenly start to think of your father. Gavin understands your silence and holds you into his arms tightly, "Don't be sad, I'll always be right beside you."
Sudden Rainstorm You are playing on the beach when it suddenly starts to rain. You -- Run to the hotel with Gavin The rain stops once you go back to the hotel. The soaked you and Gavin exchange a bitter smile.
Tell Gavin: "Let's get wet in the rain!" Gavin takes off his shirt and covers your head, "Silly."
Run to the nearby shed to get sheltered from the rain. The rain became heavier. Being caught in the rain, you got a cold. Gavin blames himself for it, and does not leave you for a second in the hotel until you recover.
Guest from the Sky When you pass a coconut tree, a coconut suddenly falls in front of you. You-- Get frightened and almost cry Gavin holds you in to his arms. He consoles you and kisses off your tears.
Stand in front of Gavin instinctively You bump into Gavin and he holds you tightly, "Be careful, I'm fine."
Take the coconut back and eat it happily Gavin scoops the last mouthful of coconut for you, "Do you want more? If you like I can take you to the top of the coconut tree."
A Photo with Him You encounter a marvelous spectacle at sea and plan to take a photo with Gavin to mark the occasion. You decide to-- Take a selfie with Gavin Although there aren't many spectacles in the photo, at least you and Gavin laugh so happily.
Ask for help from passerby The passerby acclaims that you and Gavin are a perfect match after taking the picture for you.
Give the phone to Gavin and ask him to take it Gavin accidentally shakes his hands and takes a blurry picture. When he tries to take another one the spectacle is already gone.
Mysterious Cave At night you and Gavin discover a mysterious cave not far from the beach. It is dark inside. You-- Take his hand and bravely walk in together On the way you hear someone talking and see lights flickering. You are afraid but only to find a group of people playing The Werewolves of Millers Hollow.
Let Gavin explore the way first Gavin takes your hand and pulls you close, "You have nothing to fear when I'm by your side."
Call a large group of people to go inside together There is nothing in the cave and you come back disappointedly.
Flying Hat A sea breeze blows away your favorite hat. At this moment, you-- Run after it, screaming You can't catch it in the end. Gavin pokes your bulging cheeks, smiling. "Don't be angry, I will buy you a new one."
Give up, thinking that it's impossible to get it back You stand there dishearteningly. The next second Gavin holds you into the sky and then you catch the hate with ease.
Ask Gavin for help Gavin raises his hand, and the hat shows up in his hand just like a trick.
Special Sunglasses In order to resist strong ultraviolet rays, you are buying a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunshine. You want -- Common sunglasses Gavin puts on a pair of men's sunglasses matching the style of yours. You two seem like a pair of lovers.
Cute sunglasses with two hearts You are about to put one on Gavin when he grabs your hand, "It's enough that you are cute."
Gavin's sunglasses Gavin takes out a pair of sunglasses magically and puts it on you, "I prepared it in advance and now it comes in handy."
Temp Gets Low At night, the temperature by the sea drops sharply, but you're only wearing a thin T-shirt. You-- Want to continue stargazing after sneezing Gavin holds you into his arms. You watch the stars against his warm chest.
Pretend not to feel cold, but can't help moving closer to Gavin Gavin doesn't expose you. Instead he holds you into his arms and warms you with himself.
Pull Gavin's hand "The sea wind is strong. Shall we go back?" Gavin wraps your hands with his and leads you back to the hotel.
Beach Wedding You encounter an ideal beach wedding-- You are a little touched and look at them silently for a long time Gavin seems to feel your emotion and entwines his fingers with yours.
Send your best wishes to the new couple happily The couple accept your blessing and give their blessing to you and Gavin in return.
Whisper near Gavin's ear about the wedding Gavin looks at you tenderly, "I got it, my girl."
Shell Bracelet When you meet the auntie who sells shell bracelets, you cheerfully -- Buy one You turn around and put it on Gavin's hand, "This will bring you good luck!"
Buy two After putting it on Gavin, you hand him the other one, "Now it's your turn to put it on me!" Gavin carefully puts the bracelet on you.
Ask for a long time but decide not to buy any Gavin asks you why, you say, "You made a ginkgo bracelet for me and I make you a shell one in return!"
Eating Seafood Finally, you can go to the seafood restaurant along the coast to fill yourself with delicacies. You're going to-- Order every kind of seafood! There are too many dishes on the table, and you feel a little uncomfortable for eating too much. Gavin sends you back to the hotel and buys medicines for you in the middle of the night.
Eat what the locals often eat The local food is delicious indeed. Seeing your eagerness for the food, Gavin shells shrimp for you with smiling eyes.
Eat whatever Gavin chooses After Gavin finds that you always take the food from his plate, he feeds you directly.
Drift Bottle You pick up a drift bottle, open it an find-- "Eh? How come the paper inside is blank?" "Maybe it's waiting for someone to pick it up and make a wish." Gavin passes you the pen. You ponder for a while and secretly make a wish about him.
"How funny! It's a poem!" When finished reading you find it's an acrostic reading "I love you". You blush and fall into Gavin's arms whose eyes are full of joy.
"It's a treasure map?!" Gavin is also a bit surprised, but he still throws it into the sea, "I don't need it. My treasure is right beside me."
Seaside Pickpocket When walking, a man suddenly hits you hard on the shoulder. When you come to, you find your necklace missing. "Gavin! He took my necklace!" Gavin frowns and seizes the man's collar from behind. The man is so scared that he hands out the necklace.
"Stop! Give my necklace back!" When you are about to chase after the man Gavin stops you, "You stay here, I will go."
"Where is my necklace!" Gavin frowns and runs after the man. Five seconds later, he comes back with your necklace and carefully puts it on you.
Sand Drawing There is an old grandfather on the beach who is writing 300 Tang poems. You join in the fun and pick up a twig-- Write down your names You are about to take a picture when a passerby randomly treads on it, making it completely broken. You come to Gavin with an upset face. He scratches your nose, "Let me."
Squat down to draw Gavin for two hours When standing up, you find that Gavin also draws a picture of you drawing on the other side of the beach.
You can't write it well... When you are about to give up, Gavin holds your hand and writes the names of you two on the beach and draws a heart in between.
Beach Fashion You are preparing your clothes for today's trip. You choose-- A bohemian dress Your dress is damped by the waves once you come near the sea. Gavin ties the dress for you and the "skirt" looks nice beyond expectation.
A sexy bikini Gavin frowns and shakes his head, "I'm worried you will get a cold." He takes off his shirt and puts it on you, "That's it, be a good girl."
A swimsuit for swimming Gavin carefully helps you fasten the lace a bit tighter in case it's loose.
Parasailing You see the popular activity of parasailing. You are afraid but eager to try-- You summon up courage and choose single-person parasailing You are in real panic after landing. The worse thing is that none of the photographer's photos are good.
Looking at Gavin, you decide to choose double-person parasailing Although Gavin is along with you, you are still afraid. Gavin shelters your eyes with his hand and consoles you, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."
You decide not to go in the end Gavin holds you in mid-air, "Is it better this way?" You are kind of shocked but find yourself not afraid anymore.
Half-time Break You feel tired after a day's beach strolling. At this time, you choose to-- Sit down in the bar nearby that is said to be not bad... The cocktail in the bar is not bad. You are slightly drunk and fall into Gavin's arms like a spoiled child.
Lie down in the sun lounger, and nobody can make you move You didn't expect that the sun lounger was broken. So you fall right to the ground and make Gavin so worried.
Sit directly on the beach There are lots of little ghost crabs on the beach. You are intrigued and spend the whole afternoon catching them with Gavin.
Seaside Camping You and Gavin are going camping on the beach with tents. But when you arrive, you realize-- "We have only one tent?!" "Yes." Gavin looks at me frankly, "We have to squeeze up in one tent tonight."
You forgot to bring mosquito repellent! You have a dozen mosquito bites more when you wake up, even one on the nose...
Campers are everywhere You and Gavin have no other choice than to set up the tent in the open space. However, you are woken up in the night by some battle songs from the neighboring tent.
Intimate Contact You're going to have intimate contact with the sea, you tell Gavin-- "Let's go snorkeling!" You choose the wrong place. You see nothing at the shoal.
"Snorkeling seems fun!" You come up with clusters of colorful coral. It's said these are the signs of being blessed.
"How romantic undersea walking is! Do you want to go?" You and Gavin wander under the sea with your hands clasped. The colorful tropical fishes surrounding you two are fabulous.
Blue Tears At night you accidentally see glowing seaweed named "Blue Tears" when you are with Gavin on the sea. You-- Tell Gavin joyfully Gavin holds your oar hand and draws a heart shape on the "Blue Tears".
Take a photo at once You quickly go for your camera. The boat rocks violent and disturbs the peaceful water scene.
Stunned... Gavin picks up the camera and takes a picture of you enjoying the wonderful night.
Island Selection You can go by boat to the surrounding sea islands freely. You choose to go with Gavin to-- An island with few visitors You are scared by various seabirds once you step on the sea island and have hidden yourself in Gavin's arms since then. There is nothing to be discovered except for desolation...
An island with strange rules In order to be on the island, you perform some poor Wushu for the aborigines. Even Gavin can't help but laughing.
A bustling island abundant in exotic treasures You and Gavin see various gemstones on the island. But due to great number of tourists, all you're able to enjoy is the crowds.
Pick Flowers You run into some wild flowers. You plan to pick one and put it on your head. You choose-- Delicate and charming Chinese hibiscus You seem to be more energetic after wearing the Chinese hibiscus. You take Gavin to a dance without asking him.
Elegant and beautiful rose of Sharon You see a little girl's admiring eyes and decide to give her the flower. Seeing this, Gavin musses your hair and continues to enjoy the flowers with your hand in his.
Graceful and gentle cotton rose Gavin ties up your hair and carefully puts a fresh cotton rose on you. You look so pretty.