Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings

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Summer Happenings are scenario events exclusive to the Cape Holiday (Event). Completing the Cape Holiday missions triggered scenario events where the player was given three different options for three different results.

Each guy had 30 different events with 3 choices each, for a total of 90 different results. The following is a complete list of all of these results.

Event Name Scenario Options Results
Summer Essentials To prepare for a trip to the beach, applying sunscreen is essential. With the excess pile of sunscreen in your hand, you decide to-- Stand on your tiptoes and apply the sunscreen on Lucien's face quietly. Lucien evades your attack cleverly. He catches your hand and paints your face in turn.
Ask Lucien to wipe the sunscreen on your back Lucien agrees to your request. With his finger pulp circling around on your back, you can't help flushing under the shade of the tree.
Apply more sunscreen on your neck "Let me help you apply it evenly here." Lucien applies the extra sunscreen along your shoulder line all the way to your shoulder.
Passerby A Lucien's beach pants are soiled by the careless waitstaff while eating, and you are going to buy him a new one. With the colorful pants in front. Pretend not to hear him and pass by quickly You wave your hand without saying anything. The man thinks you are deaf and stops pestering you.
"I am waiting for someone...," try to refuse euphemistically Before you finish your words, Lucien holds your shoulder gently, "What's wrong?"
Ask Lucien for help, who is near the baggage turntable Lucien doesn't receive your distress signal, but the man sees him and gives up.
Hard to Choose You and Lucien are walking along a special local street. Seeing the various swim rings hanging by the street, you want to: Buy a yellow-duck swim ring Lucien glances at you and smiles, "Very cute."
Let Lucien help you choose one Lucien indicates that you don’t need a swim ring there, “And you have me. Don’t be afraid.”
Just buy two normal swim rings There is a gleam of surprise in Lucien's eyes, but he says nothing. Instead, he takes the two swim rings from the proprietor for you.
Seaside BBQ You smell the scent from the BBQ stalls on the beach and can't help but salivate and shake Lucien's hand. ‘Let’s eat here for dinner.’ Lucien declines your offer mildly, saying that the dinner has already been arranged.
‘Buy two skewers of grilled squid to eat, okay?’ Lucien bends down and whispers to you, “I heard that someone ate street food and it didn’t end well last night.”
Say nothing Lucien knows that you just feel like eating something, so he buys two skewers of grilled seafood for you.
Random Adventures With help from the locals, you start gathering seafood on the beach. After a brief explanation, you start taking some initiative. Go to the left You've collected a lot of shells. Looking at your sparkling eyes and bounty, Lucien chuckles, "Now we know what's for dinner."
Go to the right You step on a hard starfish and almost fall, luckily Lucien grabs you in time.
Go towards the sea You find a small ghost crab and want to catch it, but it quickly runs away and disappears. You look upset. Lucien gives you the ghost crab he just caught.
Changeable June The weather changes quite frequently in June. It was sunny just now, but suddenly it begins to rain heavily. At this time-- You run to the roadside stall to buy an umbrella All roadside stalls are selling swimsuits, swim gear, and surf gear. No umbrella can be found.
Take Lucien to the small roadside store to take cover from rain While running, Lucien holds you in his arms and shields you from the rain.
Run fearlessly in the rain Lucien grabs you in time, frowning. "It will stop raining soon. Let's find a shelter somewhere."
Guest from the Sky You and Lucien are walking on the road, when suddenly a coconut falls down from the coconut tree, you Dodge to the right You forget that Lucien is on your right and bump into his arms.
Push Lucien aside The coconut hits where Lucien was just standing. Lucien looks at your face tenderly, "Thank you."
Stand idly You feel pain in your arm, and before you know it, you are already in Lucien's arms. The coconut hits where you were just standing.
Local Children A group of kids are playing on the road in front of you. Suddenly, one of them rushes over to you. You Avoid him quickly Unexpectedly, you slip. You can't stand firm and then tumble. Fortunately, Lucien grabs you so that you don't fall on the ground.
Remind the kid to be ‘careful’ The kid is a local boy. He doesn't understand your reminder and bumps right into you.
Close your eyes and wait to be hit ‘My little fool,’ you hear someone whispering in your ear. And the next moment, you are lifted off the ground.
Memento You see the beautiful scenery and want to take a photo of it as a memento. You choose to Take a selfie with your phone Your arms are not long enough to take a good picture. Lucien looks at your puffing face and chuckles. He wraps his arm around your waist closely and takes an intimate selfie with you.
Give the phone to Lucien and ask him to take your picture When Lucien gives the phone back to you, you find that all of the photos he took are focused on your face and the sceneries are all blurred.
Find a passerby to take a group photo of You and Lucien The passerby takes a photo for you to and praises in poor English that you are a perfect match. You bury your face in Lucien’s chest and look away.
Cave Exploration You and Lucien encounter an unfathomable cave while wandering on the island. You decide to Go into it to explore Lucien curls his lips and asks, “If you are interested, shall we go back and get some adventure gear?”
Go back with Lucien Lucien curls his lips and asks, "If you are interested, shall we go back and get some adventure gear?"
Go back to the B&B and ask more people to explore together No one in the B&B is bold enough to explore caves with you.
Accident in the Wind The sea wind breezes gently, but suddenly your sunhat is blown away. Now you Run after the hat and get it back The hat flies high in the sky. You can only watch it flying toward the distant ocean.
Let the wind blow away your hat, when you can't do anything with it. You look depressed. Lucien rubs your hair and promises to get you a new one.
Ask Lucien for help Lucien is tall enough to catch your hat. He's so fast that you can't even see clearly what's going on.
Makeshift The sun is shining, but you find you forgot your sunglasses when going out. You decide to buy a pair at the scenic spot Lovely sunglasses You return to Lucien with a pair of lovely sunglasses. You make a face at him and make him laugh.
Sunglasses with local features The seller appreciates your attempt to adapt to local customs and offers you a 50% off discount. Seeing your new style, Lucien turns his face away but still breaks into laughter.
Normal sunglasses, anything that can block light is okay Seeing the sunglasses you wear, Lucien frowns and takes them off, "It will hurt your eyes, wear mine."
Cooling Time The temperature varies greatly from morning to evening on the beach. After the sun sets, you feel so chilled that you-- Hug Lucien and lie in his arms to keep warm Lucien takes the opportunity to hold you more tightly. You curl up against his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
Can't help but hold Lucien's hand to keep warm Lucien is aware of your intention and hugs you, "Is it warmer now?"
Can't help but sneeze "Do you feel cold?" With that, Lucien takes off his shirt and puts it on you, "Hang in there. We'll get to the B&B soon."
Destined Marriage You are stopped by a fortune-teller unexpectedly here: Miss, let me tell you-- Listen curiously to what he will say The fortune-teller says that your Mr. Right is just around the corner. You blush at the thought of Lucien who comes here with you.
Interrupt him indifferently by saying "I don't want to know anything." The fortune-teller says that you will get into great trouble. You know this is only superstition, but it still ruins your day.
Interrupt cleverly by saying, "The future secrets are secret." The fortune-teller is speechless, and you take the chance to run away. After hearing your story, Lucien chuckles and scratches your nose, "Clever girl."
Seaside Wedding You and Lucien are walking on the beach and happen to meet a young couple who are holding a wedding here. You Watch silently and don’t bother As you watch the groom and the bride exchanging vows, you feel Lucien is gripping your hand more tightly.
Go forward and bless them The groom and the bride accept your blessing happily, and in return send their blessing to you and Lucien, wishing you two an eternal love.
Whisper with Lucien After listening to your longings for the wedding, Lucien smiles and kisses your forehead, “I got it, my girl.”
Blow the Conch You pick up a small conch on the beach. Feeling excited, you-- Put it near Lucien’s ear and let him listen to the sea. Lucien tells you that he heard the heartbeat of a little fool in the conch.
Put it to your mouth and try to blow on it. You hear a click and look back, seeing Lucien holding a phone. He takes a picture of you blowing into the conch with bulging cheeks.
Show it to Lucien like a treasure. ‘People say there’s the sound of waves in it.’ You put the conch to your ear as Lucien told you, only hearing the nuts in your brain.
Strange Bracelet The peddler asks you to buy her self-made shell bracelet. Looking at the strange bracelet, you Decide to buy one as a souvenir Lucien ties the bracelet for you. The coldness of the shells and the warmness of his fingers pass to your wrist, making you blush.
Decide to buy two and give one to Lucien Lucien appreciates your kindness, and asks you if you could tie up the bracelet for him. He really likes your gift.
Don't want to buy, but can hardly turn down the warm-hearted peddler Lucien thanks the peddler for her hospitality and praises her craftsmanship, then puts an arm around your shoulder naturally and takes you away.
Seeing the Moment The clear sea and warm beach reminds you of a movie about the sea. Manchester by the Sea Lucien knows what’s on your mind and speaks softly. “The happiness at hand is to be cherished more, isn’t it?”
You call The Cove Recalling human's cruelty in the movie, you have no appetite through the whole day. Noticing your depression, Lucien knock on your door before sleep and sends you a dolphin wind chime.
You recall The Deep End of the Ocean Recalling the human nature exposed in the movie, your holiday spirit is gone. Lucien hugs your shoulder and quietly listens to you.
Which One to Choose How can you miss out on the seafood on the beach? Faced with a pot of fresh seafood, you want to try first The rare seafood that you have never seen before You've got an allergy, luckily it isn't too serious. But you still have to stay indoors for two days. During these two days, Lucien is always by your side and reads stories to you.
The most common seafood The seafood is fresh and you eat a lot. Lucien can't help but grin after seeing your great appetite.
Lucien's dish "Is my gluttonous kitty sneaking the fish?" Lucien says with a sense of sly humor and pushes his dish towards you, indulging your gluttonous sin.
Wishing Bottle You hold a drift bottle and find Lucien: "Lucien, look, I just found this on the beach." “Let’s open it, okay?” He observes the drift bottle for a while and refuses your proposal, “We’d better not open it directly.”
“Is there a treasure map inside?” Lucien observes the drift bottle fora while and smiles, "Maybe there is indeed a huge secret in it."
“Let’s throw it back and let it go on drifting.” Lucien takes the paper out of the bottle and has a quick look. He smiles warmly, "You don't need to wish, I can realize everything you wish for.
Seaside Crew You are walking on the beach, when you suddenly see a film crew that is filming, you decide to Ask for a signature first You are not familiar with these actors and have no idea who you should ask for an autograph. You look at Lucien helplessly and he whispers something in your ear.
Sneak close, record video and post online, in case there is a super star You are driven away by the security who has sharper eyes than you do before you get close to the crew.
Turn a blind eye and pass by At this time someone calls you: Hi Miss! I turns out that the crew needs the extras and asks if you want to join. Lucien gives you an encouraging look.
Crisis You are walking in the woods near the coast, when you suddenly hear someone calling for help on the coast: HELP! HELP! You will Worry about him and go have a look on the beach Seeing the tranquil sea and empty beach, you doubt whether you really heard something just now.
Go back and find someone good at swimming to save him You make a call to Lucien and he brings the lifeguard. The little boy with calf cramps is saved. The boy’s parents invite you to have a meal to express their gratitude.
Pretend not to hear them and run away with ears covered It preys on your conscience and you can't fall asleep. You were to go sea fishing with Lucien on the next day but you lay in the bed for a whole day due to dizziness.
Midnight Horror You are lying in bed in the middle of the night, and there seems to be a woman crying outside the window: Boohoo-- Someone must be watching TV next door, the soundproofing is too bad. You are optimistic enough to sleep well all night long and remain cheerful the next day. You happily go snorkeling with Lucien.
You tell yourself that this is the sound of the waves On the next day you tell Lucien about the cry you heard. He confirms your guess and musses your hair reassuringly.
You recall the ghost story that you have heard before You are so freaking out that you can't fall asleep. At this time, a text message from Lucien has arrived: It's the waves. If you are still afraid... I'm just outside the door.
Beach Drawing With fingers touching the soft and delicate sands, you think of the beach drawing you have seen before, so you Draw a chibi portrait of you and Lucien on the beach Lucien sees your great work and adds a few more strokes. Now the drawing looks more like you and Lucien.
Draw a simple big smile on the beach Lucien adds the haircut to your smiling face, matching your look. "I hope that i can always see your smile like this.
Let Lucien draw anything on the beach as a memento Lucien smiles resignedly, “Anything is the hardest request.”
Dirty Beach Pants Lucien's beach pants are soiled by the careless waitstaff while eating, and you are going to buy him a new one. With the colorful pants in front You choose the purple beach pants Lucien takes the beach pants you bought and expresses his sincere gratitutde.
You choose the green dotted beach pants Lucien politely declines your beach pants and says he has some spare ones in his room.
You choose the black and white houndstooth beach pants You thought Lucien might like this pair of beach pants, while he declines you. "This pattern may fit you more closely."
Lie Awake at Night It's late, but you can't fall asleep because you drank too much coffee during the day. Now you choose to Text Lucien Lucien doesn't sleep either. He calls you back and counts the sheep for you until you fall asleep.
Call Lucien Lucien's phone is on silent mode. He is reading in his room and doesn't answer your phone.
Knock on Lucien's door The door is open right after your knock. "Can't fall asleep due to the coffe? Come in, my little fool."
Sea Swimming You have bought a beautiful swimsuit, planning to go swimming in the sea. You decide to Go swimming in the morning so that you can do other things later The water is cold in the morning. Once you step into the sea you get cramp. Lucien keeps massaging you for a long time before you get over it.
Go swimming in the afternoon and watch the sunset by the way After seeing the beautiful sunset and swimming for a whale of time, you pitch into the food with rare appetite. Lucien jokes that you look like a starving alley cat.
Go swimming at noon, when it's the warmest Your back and shoulder get a sunburn. Blushed, you ask Lucien to apply some aloe vera gel on you.
Beach Bar The beach bar looks intriguing at night. You enter a bar without letting Lucien know. Looking at the menu, you hesitate and order: Beer After the beer, you are wandering along the beach with a full belly, then you see someone familiar striding towards you from a long way off.
Cocktail You get drunk soon. You can’t remember how you get back to your room on the next day, but you’ve dreamed about Lucien.
Red wine A familiar smiling face shows up right after your wine is served, "That's why you made me rest early."
Leisure Holiday You have rested enough, preparing to walk out of the resort and wander in the lively business zone. Your first choice is to: Find a cafe and watch the barista's latte art You thought you could meet Lucien on the cafe but you didn't. So you watch the barista's latte art for the whole afternoon.
Experience the local body painting The artificer paints your face. You ask Lucien if you look like an elf. Lucien smiles and says you look more like his Venus rather than an elf.
Go to the creative store You meet Lucien at the creative store. An orange cat here is lying on its back against Lucien's feet. It seems that the cat likes him very much.
Travel Diaries In order to remember your good memories, you have been writing in the notebook since the first day of travel. The diaries are Mostly related to Lucien Lucien sees you writing in the notebook. He asks with smiling eyes, "Is it my observation diary?"
A gourmet notebook with the theme of eating You eat a lot of local specialties in order to enrich your gourmet notebook. Lucien admires your attitude towards life.
Basically day-to-day accounts, recording what is down every day You can't remember specifically what you've done today and ask Lucien to recall that together with you. You discover that he remembers more details than you do.
Event Name Scenario Options Results
Hot Summer The skin must be well protected from strong ultraviolet rays on the beach, but Victor refuses to apply sunscreen. You decide to-- Fall down on purpose and apply the sunscreen in hand on him Victor looks at the sunscreen on his body reluctantly. Seeing your mischievous smile, he frowns and applies the sunscreen on all exposed areas.
Give up and let it be! You're about to turn away when Victor stops you, "I'll do it if you insist, but this won't happen again."
Ask Victor why he refused Victor takes out the suntan lotion, "I'm ready to soak up some rays."
1v3 When you wait for Victor in the lobby, you see a girl being harassed by three men. You decide to -- Step forward bravely, "Stay away from her." Seeing you are alone, the man tries hard to grip your arm. At this moment, a familiar figure stands in front of you, "I've called security."
Run to the doorway and call security. The girl is safe now. She bows gratefully to you from afar.
Pretend to be the girl's friend and take her away. Victor turns around but you are gone. So he calls, "Hanging around somewhere, huh?"
President's Taste After warm-up, you are eager to take a dip, but

Victor throws you a camel-shaped swim ring. You--

'You really like camels!' Victor Ignores your complaint and simply puts the swim ring on you. He chuckles when he looks at you.
Believe in yourself and refuse the swim ring Victor looks skeptical, "Take the swim ring, or take me."
‘Is there… another style?’ Victor is insensitive to your unwillingness, “This one is perfect for you.”
Delicacy Temptation You smell the seductive scent from the BBQ stalls on the beach. It’s hard to resist the delicacy. You peek at Victor and decide to-- Ask him to buy you a drink so that you can be alone Victor follows your gaze and sees the BBQ stall, “I don’t think you’re thirsty.”
Look at him eagerly “The food is not sanitary.” Victor gently holds your pursed lips, “I’ll grill you some food tonight”
Avoid looking at the BBQ Victor, as if reading your mind, takes you back to the hotel, “Hungry? I’ll cook for you.”
Ah! Sea! Don't miss the chance to gather seafood on the beach at ebb tide! After learning form the fishman, you carry a bucket, intending to-- Go have a look at the ebbing tide "I'll make seafood soup for you tonight." Victor takes the bucket full of clam shells from you and holds your hand on the way back.
Explore under the stone cliff There is a lot of gravel on the way to the cliff. Victor sighs and guards you to the destination. You find nothing, but it doesn't matter at all.
Just wait on the beach A little crab sees you and shakes its pincers swaggeringly, "Victor would do the same if he were a crab." Your last word is followed by a snort.
Rainy Romance The weather on the beach changes more than imagined. The sun is still hanging in the sky, but it suddenly rains. Now you-- Take out an umbrella wisely "For once, you said it right." Victor shields you with the umbrella, and his shoulder and back are soaked by the rain.
Hide with Victor under the roof Victor gently keeps you behind his back, blocking most of the rain. A lyric pops up in your mind. Suddenly, you wish the rain could last longer.
Enjoy the sun and rain calmly "You think you are shooting a drama?" With that, he pulls you to a shelter from the rain.
Gravity You are drinking coconut juice when passing a coconut tree. At this point, a coconut on the tree is falling down. You-- Push Victor aside Victor covers your head and pulls you into his arms, "I didn't know you were that strong."
Jump off agilely The coconut didn't fall. Victor chuckles at your super dexterous movement.
Just look up at the coconut You find the coconut floating in mid-air. Victor crosses his arms, "Wanna see more?"
Annoying Kid You and Victor are walking on the beach. Suddenly a kid knocks you down and bursts into tears. You-- Pretend to cry with him The kid falls for it and stops crying. He touches your face clumsily, “All pains… Go away!”
Sigh and ask if he's hurt The kid runs away without saying much. You are about to stand up in pain when Victor scoops you up, "Silly."
Wink to Victor and ask for help Victor frowns, wich makes the kid cry even harder. It's rare to see him being so embarrassed and helpless. You can't help laughing.
Cheese! You and Victor are enjoying the sunset, when suddenly a foreign couple stops in front of you and gives you a camera. You-- Take the camera and help them adjust to a nice pose You take a beautiful photo for them, and in return, they kindly offer to take a photo for you two. Victor doesn't refuse.
Can't understand what they say, quite embarrassed Victor replies with ease and takes a photo for them.
Smile and hand the camera to Victor They are very happy with the photo and leave merrily. Victor turns around and pats your head, "How about taking one of you?"
Mystery Cave You hear a bang in the grass behind you and find a hidden cave there after looking into it with trepidation. At this time, you see-- The cave entrance is engraved with a mysterious totem You want to go in and take a look but bite your tongue when you meet Victor's eyes.
A green light flash in the cave You jump back frightened and bump into Victor. He guards you on the walk back, "You do know where to hide when being afraid."
There is a "Tourists Forbidden" sign lying in the grass Victor walks ahead and puts the sign upright, then leads you away, "Let's go somewhere else."
Hat's Trip You and Victor are walking on the beach, when suddenly a strong sea wind hits and blows your hat away. At this time, you-- Chase the hat and run to the sea Victor stops you just in time, "Don't bother, I'll buy you a new one."
Just sigh and think a new one should replace the old one The sea wind suddenly stops and the hat appears somehow in Victor's hand. He brushes off the sand on it and puts in on you again, "Silly."
Find the hat is quite high up and you try hard to reach for it Victor stops you and puts your hand into his, "Forget it. It's an ugly hat anyway."
Hard to Choose While walking on the street, you stepped on your sunglasses that fell on the ground. You have to buy a new pair-- The female version of Victor's You put on the sunglasses and peep at Victor, but you are caught right away. "Good choice. It's on me."
Garish laser star style Without a word, Victor removes the flamboyant sunglasses you're wearing and puts another pair on you wich matches his own.
Elegant, retro round frame "As round as your face." Victor pinches your face slightly, and a few more times for its soft touch until you almost lose your temper.
Sexy or Warmth You just laughed at Victor for wearing too much, but it's suddenly getting cold after the sun sets. You start shivering and-- Don't dare look at him and huddle up to get warm You are covered with a coat. Before you know it, you are already in Victor's arms, "Let's go back."
Can't bear the coldness! Go directly into his arms Victor wraps you in his coat and places his chin on your head, chuckling, "Who's the one that laughed at me this morning?"
Singing a low voice: my passion, like a fire "Unyielding silly girl." Victor takes of his coat and wraps you up in it tightly.
Your Destiny A man who claims to be a fortune-teller stops you, saying that he will tell your fortune for free. You want to know-- Your career in the future As soon as the fortune-teller says that you have a boss who cares about you a lot, Victor shows up and takes you away, "He's got a point."
Your Mr. Right Before the fortune-teller can say who it is, Victor appears behind you suddenly, “I can tell you who.”
Why he set up a stall on the beach You are having a nice chat with the fortune-teller while Victor, feeling left out, becomes sullen.
Ideal Wedding It’s very lively not far on the beach. You and Victor go there and find there’s a wedding. Seeing this romantic scene, you say-- 'The wedding on the beach is so romantic!' Victor holds your hand and looks at the kissing couple, "Well, I think the beach is nice, too."
‘Victor, have you ever thought about where to hold your wedding?’ Victor raises his hand and takes the petals off your hair, “How about you?”
‘They make me jealous…’ “Statisfied so easily?” With that, Victor walks away with you while you’re enchanted.
Listen to the Sea The kids are picking up conches on the beach. You go join them and happen to get a big unique one. You-- Put it near Victor’s ear and ask him what he can hear Victor holds you and listens carefully for a while, “Only the noise from someone silly.”
Run to give it to Victor Victor dusts off the sand on your face gently, "Childish."
Put it into your mouth and try to blow on it Victor puts his hand between your lips and the conch, "Do I need to remind you about the importance of hygiene?"
Shell Bracelet There are many stores that sell shell products on the beach. You plan to buy a shell bracelet and go to-- A small store with a string of shell wind chimes hanging at the door Victor puts an expensive shell bracelet on you, “Take this one, as a reward for your improvement in reporting.”
A big souvenir store wich has all kinds of things The store is crowded. Victor holds your shoulders tightly, "Let's go to another store."
A roadside stall There are only a few hand-made bracelets in the stall, and each of them looks quite delicate. Victor squats down to choose with you.
Daydream You lie in the beach chair under the warm sun, hearing the tide and feeling sleepy. You dream that you become-- The hero in The Legend of 1900 Hearing your whispers in the dream, Victor pulls you into his arms. His heartbeat echoes in your ears, like a soft piano lullaby.
The RMS Titanic in Titanic You tell Victor about it after waking up. He pats your head and can’t help laughing, “So you hit your head really hard that year.”
The elf in Song of the Sea Victor watches you waking up in a daze and holds your hands tightly, “Wherever you are, I won’t let go.”
Seafood Feast You can finally eat the hearty seafood feast you’ve been waiting for. You rub your hands together excitedly and decide to try first-- The perfectly cooked crab meat "Mind your manners." Victor leans over and wipes the scraps from your mouth, then takes the crab from you hand and shells it for you.
The well-decorated sashimi platter "Window dressing." Victor scorns after taking a bite.
The sea salt caramel pudding “Let me try it.” Victor leans over and eats the pudding on your spoon.
Unexpected Visitor While walking, you stumble over something on the beach. You bend down and find it is a drift bottle. You decide to-- Look at the paper inside The paper says, "Please copy the second sheet ten times, otherwise the person you like will.." Victor suddenly turns his back and sneezes.
Ignore it The next day, you ask Victor to write down one wish and put it into the drift bottle, then throw it into the sea.
Pretend that nothing happened Victor thinks it is your drift bottle, "What do you wish for? Tell me."
Get Changed You put on your swimsuit and find a button on the back is broken. You don’t want Victor to wait outside for too long. You decide to-- Put on the swimsuit and a coat Victor notices your unnatural behavior and pushes you back to the fitting room, "Stay here. I'll get you a new one."
Tell Victor the truth Victor takes off his shirt and drapes it over you, “Hang on, I’ll get you a new one."
Change back to your original clothes and go out Victor looks at you confusedly and teases, "Ate too much yesterday and can't fit into the swimsuit?"
Call of the Sea After a long day, you lie on the bed and listen to the tide outside, recalling what happened in the morning. You suddenly decide to-- Sit on the balcony for a while You find Victor sleeping in a chair on the balcony next door. You bend over the handrail and look at him in the moonlight, unwilling to leave.
Turn over and fall asleep with the sound of the tide Not suprisingly, you couldn't sleep the whole night. The next day, Victor looks at the dark circles around your eyes and frowns worriedly, "Come to me if you can't sleep."
Put on the coat and take a walk on the beach Victor walks out the moment you open the door, he holds your hand naturally, eyes beaming with joy.
Noisy Alarm You promised Victor to get up early to see the sunrise at sea together. Just as you fall asleep, your phone alarm rings. You will-- Turn off the alarm and keep sleeping It's already morning when you wake up. Your scalp tingles when you see a list of missed calls on your phone.
Get up reluctantly Victor waits in the lobby and puts a coat on you when you arrive, “First time to see the sunrise?”
Hold the phone and sleep for another five minutes Your phone rings again. You open your eyes and find that it's Victor calling, "You have ten minutes. Dress warm."
Coastal Road Victor gives you a ride on the coastal road. The waves are shining in the sunshine, and you turn the lens of your phone to-- Victor who is driving The flecks of sunlight fall on his hair. You see him mouthing "Silly" on the screen.
The distant horizon The car slows down. Smiling, you glance at Victor as he drives, and take some really good landscape photos.
Yourself You lean yourself sideways and make a face at the lens with Victor as the background. In the end, he takes this photo away.
Scary Night A flash of lightning breaks through the sky, and you wake up in a burst of thunder. You are scared and decide-- To cover the quilt over your head and ears You hear sharp knocks at the door. After seeing Victor through the peephole, you open the door immediately and throw yourself into his arms.
Whether to text Victor Victor's message pops out at the same time: Chill out. I'm on my way.
To put on your headphones The music drowns out the thunder. You drift off to sleep again.
Once Upon a Time When setting sail, you suddenly recall some sea legends. Although you think Victor won't believe them, you still tell him-- 'I heard lovers can be happy forever if they kiss on the cliffs!' Victor frowns, "It's safer on land."
'I've heard that we can see heart-shaped clouds by the sea!' "We're heading to a place with heart-shaped clouds and..." Looking at your excited face, Victor decides to keep you in suspense.
'I've heard... Listen to me carefully!' Victor signs resignedly, leans on the handrail and listens to your random jokes.
Sea Pianist You hear a piano from the corner of the street. Seeing you standing on the side for a while, the pianist asks if you want to play. You-- Accept the invitation You play a soft and warm song from your memory. When the song ends, you see Victor standing on the other side with a gentle glow in his eyes.
Refuse his invitation Victor looks a little disappointed, but still listens to another of the pianist's songs with you.
Feel a little hesitant Victor pushes you forward gently, "I'd like to hear it too."
The Road Not Taken You take Victor and walk into the cave leading to the other side of the beach. There are two branches in front and you choose to-- Go to the left The road in the cave is rough. Victor holds you up, "Are you eating too much these days?"
Go to the right You run into a dead end. Victor pats your head reassuringly, "Let's try the other way."
Look at Victor Victor holds your hand on the walk back, "It's not safe here. Let's go around from the outside."
You Look Alike You and Victor wander in the Undersea Tunnel, when a wave of marine creatures swim over. You find one look alike to him-- Turtle After hearing that, Victor starts to ponder. He turns around from you, so that he can observe his expression on the glass wall.
Manta Ray Victor raises his eyes with a cold look, "I assume you want to work remotely."
Clownfish Victor scratches your nose, "I think it's more like you, so silly."
Seaside Counselor It's very important to prepare for a trip to the beach by applying sunscreen. Looking at the excess pile of sunscreen in your hand, you decide to-- "I wish I will never have to revise reports again!!" "The sea can't help you with that." Victor stands next to you out of nowhere, and you are startled.
"Give me courage to say that to him!" Victor chuckles next to you, "Just say it."
"Victor, you are a big fool!!!" You turn around and find Victor, who has been waiting for a long time. He raises his eyebrow slightly. "Now who's the idiot? Hmm?"
Event Name Scenario Options Results
Summer Care You can't let the blazing sun on the beach hurt the skin. You take out the sunscreen and-- Stand on tiptoe and apply it on Kiro's face Looking down grinningly, Kiro gets his face close to you with an eager look.
Apply it all over your body You have to ask Kiro to help you with the back, "...don't turn around." You hear his muffled voice and find his fingertips on your back a little hot.
Want to try the recent popular "Sunscreen Skin Painting" Kiro comes to you and draws a symmetrical symbol together with you on the back of the hand.
Comic Imitation Thinking about 'something must happen on the beach in a manga...' Kiro approaches you with a cheeky grin, 'Miss, wanna have some fun?' You can't help but laugh "It's clearly a serious pick-up line." Kiro pouts and laughs with you.
You reach out and touch his face, 'Okay, you are the boss~' Kiro pouts and turns his head around, "You are so uncooperative, Miss Chips..."
You pretend to be afraid, "Where's the hero to save me?" Kiro takes the opportunity to hug you, "Here it is!"
Preference Thinking about your swimming skills, you plan to buy a swimg ring. Looking at the swim rings placed on the shelf, you prefer: The Flamingo-shaped swim ring Kiro takes the swim ring from you, "It is kind of cool!"
The watermelon-shaped swim ring "Looks yummy." Kiro puts the swim ring on you, "Haha, you look even more yummy now."
The heart-shaped swim ring Kiro takes the swim ring from you, "Your heart is mine, and you can't take it back~"
Mutual Affinity You and Kiro are walking on the beach. The sea breeze brings a familiar and seductive scent, and you look at each other-- "I know you want to eat that!" "It have to be that!", Kiro holds your hand all the way to the seaside BBQ stall, "Mister, two skewers of grilled squid, please. Not too spicy for one of them!"
You laugh and gesture a V Kiro thinks for a while and shakes his forefinger, "There will be yummier food later, so we will just have one portion now~"
You smell the scent carefully and point to a direction Kiro winks at you. You exchange a tacit smile and both run to the BBQ stall.
Prepare for Dinner You happen to join the seafood gathering activity, and all seafood you got can be cooked for a hearty dinner. You decide to go to-- The spacious beach The beach has been nearly dug out. You busy yourself for the whole afternoon, only coming back empty-handed.
The remote rocks There are lots of shells between the rocks. However the rocks are so slippery that you nearly fall into the sea. Luckily the eagle-eyed Kiro quickly takes you into his arms.
The shallow sea Carrying a small bucket, Kiro shovels earnestly by your side. The sea wind breezes softly. His eyes kindle with joy when he digs out the first shell.
Your Appointment You promised Kiro to meet at the beach statue after his work, but it suddenly rains and you are trapped in the pavilion. So you Rush to the agreed place in heavy rain Once you run out you see a familiar figure, "I couldn't get through to your phone and I'm afraid that you'd come." The sodden Kiro takes you into his arms and runs towards the shelter.
Call Kiro first to ask him where he is It takes a long time to get the call through, "The rain is too heavy, wait for me at the pavilion." After that he sneezes, "I am not at the statue~ Trust me!"
Stay in the pavilion, praying for the heavy rain to stop Suddenly a figure breaks into the pavilion. Kiro is so wet despite holding an umbrella. "Got you~ I couldn't run fast opening the umbrella. It's nice that you are dry."
Sudden Idea You suddenly find there is a coconut tree on the beach with coconuts hanging from it. At this time, you-- Suspect this is just a fake decorative tree and pat it on the trunk A coconut falls after you pat on the tree. You and Kiro jump tacitly towards the same direction then high-five cheerfully.
Take Kiro to the market, "Let's buy some coconut juice to drink!" Kiro looks up to the coconuts on the tree, "Maybe we can do it by ourselves~"
Look up worriedly, "If a coconut falls, it will hurt." "It hurts!" Kiro tells you the story of him and coconuts in his previous program.
Water Gun Battle A group of kids are having fun on the beach, and a kid is squirting a water pistol. Seeing him attacking you, you-- Dodge the water agilely This is a perfect dodge. The kids surround you with admiration. Kiro mingles with them and flicks the kid's forehead.
No time to hide! So you have to cover your body with your hands. You find yourself at Kiro's back. He stretches his sodden clothes and squats down in front of the boy. "A cool water gun warrior can't shoot randomly."
Are so nervous that you pull Kiro to you by accident He takes you into his arms, "Ah, Miss Chipps... I got shot... At least in the end... Let me hug you a bit longer..."
Beautiful Moment Of course you should take some beautiful seascape photo, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get an ideal photo, so you-- Keep fiddling with the poor SLR camera Kiro holds you from the back and helps you set a few values. He takes your hand to hold the camera, "Have a try this time~"
Plan to try a different angle You find a good position. When you adjust the angle you capture Kiro's profile by chance. Suddenly you forget the gorgeous clouds. With the wind breezing softly, his smile is all you can see.
Give up shooting "Maybe it doesn't need to be so complicated~" Lying against you, Kiro turns on the selfie mode of the phone. You two smile happily as the sky and the sea merge into a harmonious background.
Mysterious Light Suddenly you see a flash of light. You follow it, and find a strange cave, you-- Decide to go into the cave and check it out Kiro grabs your hand and his face looks pale, "let's forget it..."
Feel a little scared and hesitantly stay where you are The light in the cave flashes again, Kiro grabs your hand and runs away immediately.
Think of the adventure story you just read and pull Kiro away Kiro rubs your cold fingertips, "Miss Chips, a super funny joke just came to me, which is..."
A Prank of Wind You and Kiro are enjoying the seascape on the tour bus, when a gust of wind blows the sunhat off your head. You-- Immediately ask the driver to stop, get off and run after it The hat drops on the side of the road after floating for a few meters, you breathe a sigh of relief and go pick it up.
Lean out and try to grab it Kiro holds your waist and frowns, "Let's buy a new one when we get off."
Sigh in the seat helplessly Kiro doesn't know how to console you, and he takes out the phone and searches for nearby hat stores.
Sunglasses Effect You pass by a special sunglasses store and get attracted by the sunglasses of various strange styles in the store. "Wow! This one is so cool!" You and Kiro each wear a pair of super cool sunglasses and pose happily at the mirror.
Thinking of the sunglasses in your bag, you restrain yourself After getting out of the store, Kiro takes out the pair of sunglasses that you like the most and gives it to you as if to present a treasure, "Boss! It's a token of my best regards!"
You pick up a pair of super cute sunglasses and put them on Kiro Kiro strikes a cute pose and winks at you, "Producer, hurry up and pick me!"
Temp Gets Low You didn't expect the temperature at the seaside to vary so greatly. As you regret forgetting to bring a coat, you-- Shiver Kiro unzips his coat and wraps it around you, "Ah, I'm so careless that I forgot to bring a coat for you..."
Move close to Kiro Kiro takes off his coat and lets you wear it, "It's getting cold, let's go back~"
Pace to and fro. "Let's... Go for a run!" Suddenly Kiro carries you in his arms and makes you throw your arms round him, "Hold tight, I will run!"
Destiny It is said that there is a magical fortune-teller nearby. You go there out of curiosity and see a lot of people standing in line at the door. You decide to-- Join them since you're already here The fortune-teller says that the young lovers nowadays all like to come here separately. You don't get him until you come back to find a similar queueing plate on Kiro's table.
Watch at the door as an onlooker A black figure with a hygiene mask gets out of the door and you follow him. Kiro finds out it is you and gives you a bear hug while grinning.
Leave because it's going to take a long time "The fortune teller was right!" You hear the conversation of the passerby and decide to come earlier next time.
Girl's Dream You and Kiro find that a small-sized wedding is being held in the small garden by the sea at this time. You-- Watch quietly in the distance with Kiro "I do." You hear the lines of the groom and turn around to find Kiro looking at you with smiles on his face.
Move closer excitedly alone You catch the bouquet from the bride and happily run towards Kiro from afar. The distance between you two feels like the length of the wedding carpet.
Can't help expressing your admiration when you see the decoration of the wedding "Do you like it?" After you nod, Kiro takes your hand, "Yes, my princess."
Childhood Memory After the tide has ebbed, you find a large conch on the beach, so you-- Put it to your ear "There is no sound of the sea." You put the conch back to the sea disappointedly.
Run to show it to Kiro Kiro looks narrowly at the conch, "Can you teach me how to play it?"
Put it to your mouth and try to blow into it. You blow the conch with cheeks bulging, without a sound coming from it. Kiro laughs out loud when seeing your crimson cheeks.
Creative Bracelet There are carved shells on the roadside stall, which can be strung into personal bracelets according to your preferences. You-- Make a bracelet for yourself with great interest You take the first letter of your name, then a K. Suddenly you blush.
Plan to make one for Kiro as a gift He is so happy after receiving the gift and says he will cherish it.
Have a look but don't want to buy it You turn around to see that Kiro has already squatted down and begun to pick at the stall. You have to join him.
Reverie When walking, you hear a couple discussing sea-related movies. On this topic, the first movie you think of is-- Life of Pi "People are more willing to be convinced by what they believe." Hearing your words, Kiro nods, "Just like I always believe what you say."
50 First Dates Just when you are thinking back the hero's countless confessions, a bunch of bright yellow flowers shows up right before you Kiro hands you the flowers. "They look beautiful~ So I picked them for you."
Moana Thinking about this girl's adventure at sea in the movie, you feel relaxed with your heart floating to somewhere afar with the sea wind.
Seafood Temptation At the seaside, you have to try fresh seafood caught on the spot. You and Kiro have checked several restaurants. Finally you choose-- A seafood buffet restaurant full of people You've been waiting for a long time. Once you step into the restaurant, Kiro is recognized. The crowd is seething at once and you run away quickly.
A small but warmly decorated restaurant in the corner The proprietor is a local fisherman. The boss lady prepares a full table of delicious food and you eat very well.
A random one chose after you turned round three times with your eyes closed because you can't decide You reserve a restaurant with poor service and the seafood is not as fresh as you expected. Your holiday mood is ruined.
From Afar There is a drift bottle floating in the sea. When you open it, you find that it says-- 'Friend from afar, I wish you happiness forever.' Under the warm sunlight, Kiro falls asleep in the sun lounger. Seeing his peaceful profile, you find the world tranquil and nice.
'I hope to meet you.' Kiro leans against you. After seeing the content of the paper he quickly puts it back into the drift bottle and throws it back into the sea, "That doesn't count."
'I've buried all the treasures here...' You are surprised and take it to Kiro. He carefully studies the image on the paper and confirms that it's a distorted Spongebob.
Seaside Craftsman You take part in a sand-building activity, and the winner will receive a super luxurious gift. You're going to build-- A castle You don't have the proportion of the sand and water right and create a strange and mysterious thing. Kiro refuses to help and can't stop laughing.
A pyramid You carefully gather the sand together and don't realize that Kiro has already filmed the whole process.
A mountain You build a half-person tall "mountain". All judges are wondering where the sand comes from and forget to rate.
Seaside Fireworks Seaside celebrations are always accompanied by fireworks. Watching the beautiful fireworks in the night sky, you hold Kiro's hand-- Say nothing Kiro leans his head against yours. Your shadows melt into one under the fireworks.
'How beautiful!' "Beautiful~" You think Kiros is talking about the fireworks. You turn around and find that he has been looking at you.
'The firework show is a must-see at the seaside!' Kiro shakes your hand and promises to bring you to the seaside for fireworks every year.
Beach Volleyball You are invited to join a beach volleyball team of passersby, and the opponent gives you a smash hit on the first pitch. You-- Dodge nimbly You play beach volleyball as dodge ball and make your teammates awkward.
Brace yourself to go for it You fall against the sand and twist your ankle. Kiro is very concerned and carries you off the court.
Quickly wink at Kiro Kiro nimbly switches positions with you and gets the ball.
Afternoon Nap You wake up in a beach chair and find Kiro's coat on you. You look around, but you can't find him-- You're still sleepy so you decide to continue to sleep You vaguely feel like being softly carried. The familiar smell makes you fall into a sweet dream.
You decide to get up and look for Kiro Once you set out you see Kiro bringing two cold drinks, "Did you sleep well?"
You walk to the beach to refresh You can't help trembling when touching the cold water. At that night you caught a cold.
Shining Meteor The night sky at the sea is speckled with stars. Kiro is telling you legends about a star, when a meteor streaks across the sky. You-- Close your eyes to make a wish Kiro winks at you, "Does the wish have something to do with me?"
'Was that a meteor just now?" Kiro shakes his head to signify that he doesn't see it clearly either.
Take out your phone and post it on Moments Kiro publishes a Moment titled "With her" with the similar scene. Then your phone is bursting with messages and calls.
Speedboat Trip The speedboat leaves a long trail behind on the sea. Kiro controls the speedboat skillfully and you sit behind him-- "Didn't know you can drive a speedboat!" Kiro strikes a handsome pose, "There are still lots of unknown things that wait to be discovered~"
"It's...It's a little too fast!" He slows down hastily and placates you apologetically.
"There's a sea island over there! Shall we go and have a look?" The sea island is much farther than you thought so you just go back to the shore after wandering a while.
A Song For You On a lazy sun-drenched afternoon, Kiro sits next to you with his guitar in his arms. You want to hear him sing-- A quiet love song The tender sunglight scatters on his face, and he plays the guitar. "I will find you. I've found you, and only you."
His hit song Through his voice, you seem to see him shining on the stage. Kiro smiles at you. Now the golden bright boy is that close to you.
A happy ditty Kiro jiggle about with his own rhymes in the soft sea breeze. It seems that you will never lose your smile as long as he is here.
Following the Mood The enthusiastic locals recommend a few nice places to you, and you decide to first go to-- An art commercial area that sells all kinds of unique accessories You wander around for a whole afternoon and buy a very special necklace.
A special bar You order a good-looking cocktail. Just when you are about to drink, someone holds your hand, "Miss Chips~ What are you doing?"
A gourmet street with local specialities Kiro knows that you went to the gourmet street without him. He feels it was unfair and asks you for compensation.
Out of Expectation Kiro's whereabouts are exposed, and the shore is crowded with his fans. Look at him hiding in a bear doll, you decide to-- Abandon him You go to the shore and pretend to pick up the phone, "What? Kiro is in the hotel? I will be right there!" The fans believe your words and run away.
Stay with him "Sorry..." The bear doll lowers its head slightly. You kiss its forehead gently, "It's good, too."
Call his agent The agent pops a smoke bomb and solves the problem, "Be more careful!!!" The agent can't help roaring.
Before Leaving Before leaving, you go to buy some beautiful postcards to write to Kiro-- "The trip is really enjoyable." After a half month you receive a bear doll. Kiro sends a text message to explain that this is the return present of the postcard.
"Next year, let's come here again!" Kiro calls you once he receives the postcard, "We can go there next year, the year after next, three years from now, and every year."
"Let's travel again in autumn~" A month later you see a talk show featuring Kiro. He says, "I'm afraid that I won't be available in autumn, because I have already made an appointment with someone important."
Event Name Scenario Options Results
Gavin & Sunscreen The sun on the beach is terrible,so you take out your sunscreen and walk to Gavin Invite Gavin to apply sunscreen together Gavin refuses your invitation but sill carefully applies the sunscreen on you.
Ask Gavin to help you apply it on your back Gavin takes the sunscreen and applies it on your neck carefully.
Your hand slips, and the sunscreen hits Gavin... Gavin catches the sunscreen and says, "How could you be so careless?" He pulls you close and applies the sunscreen on you.
Strange Chat-up When Gavin is absent, a strangely dressed man suddenly appears and accosts you. You-- "You look fashionable. Are you from outer space?" The man thinks that he has met someone even odder and runs away with fear in his eyes.
Call Gavin over loudly Gavin takes you into his arms and questions the man in a cold voice, "What are you up to?"
Run behind Gavin quickly The man freaks out at the sight of Gavin and flees.
Magical Swim Ring You are going to swim in the sea. How can you do that without a swim ring? So you-- Buy a donut-shaped swim ring Gavin leads you into the sea, smiling, "It's cute."
Buy a huge swim mat You take Gavin to lay on the swim mat with you, and you enjoy the cozy sunbath together.
Eventually decide not to buy anything You freak out by the huge waves. You cling to Gavin the rest of the time and dare not let him go.
Seaside BBQ You take part in your longed-for seaside BBQ. You-- Grill shrimps for Gavin With a dish of grilled shrimps in your hands, you are unable to watch for the road. You fall and drop the shrimps onto Gavin.
Eat the grilled steak happily You ate something wrong and were sent to the clinic. You stay there for the whole night so the BBQ plan is gone.
Eat the grilled fish happily Gavin takes your hands and gently wipes off the sauce from your lips.
Seafood Gathering When you chase the waves to pick up seafood on the beach, you suddenly feel like you're stepping on something-- Wow! It's a starfish! You take a picture with Gavin and the starfish, finding that you two are making the peace sign. You laugh, "Does it look like a family?", Gavin smiles without saying a word.
It turns out to be a stranded shrimp! It stings your foot. Gavin carries you in his arms and takes you to the clinic for disinfection. He also cancels your sea adventure in the next two days.
Ah! It's a fish! You are panic and run towards Gavin. Gavin takes you into his arms, "Don't be scared, it's just a fish."
Naughty Kid When you are walking on the beach, suddenly a naughty kids runs towards you menacingly. You-- React and dodge aside quickly You dodge too hard, twist your ankle, and fall down on the beach. Gavin carries you in his arms all the way to the hotel and applies medicine for you.
Withstand the kid's attack with your hands You are bumped by the naughty kid. Fortunately you don't get hurt.
Can't react and freeze Gavin quickly pulls you in this his arms and dodges to the side.
Get a Small Conch When walking on the beach , you find a conch-- Suddenly you think of that nursery rhyme and try to blow into the conch You can only make a vague sound but Gavin smiles, "It sounds nice."
Listen to see if you can hear the waves Gavin takes the opportunity to whisper in your ear...
Show it to Gavin excitedly Gavin takes it and lets you get close to listen. Gavin kisses your cheek once you come close, "How about this return present?"
Fortune-telling Today, when you are walking with Gavin, you meet a fortune-teller who insists on telling you about your fortunes. You decide to-- Just... Try marriage. The fortune-teller says some confusing things and you don't understand a word. Gavin frowns and takes you away.
Walk away with Gavin The fortune-teller runs after you and shouts, "Miss, your Mr. Right is right beside you!"
Ask many aspects and details The fortune-teller is bothered by you and intends to flee. You turn around and meet Gavin's eyes. He seems to be in a good mood, "What did you want to ask just now? Marriage?"
Seaside Cinema Looking at this vast ocean, you think of a film about the sea, and start talking to Gavin about-- Classic scenes in Titanic Gavin hugs you and consoles you in a gentle voice, "I will always be by your side, for good."
The protagonist in The Blue Planet This docu makes you lament the fragility of life. For the whole day you are affected by a certain sense of heroism, and you treasure more the "hero" right beside you.
The plot of Finding Nemo As you speak, you suddenly start to think of your father. Gavin understands your silence and holds you into his arms tightly, "Don't be sad, I'll always be right beside you."
Sudden Rainstorm You are playing on the beach when it suddenly starts to rain. You -- Run to the hotel with Gavin The rain stops once you go back to the hotel. The soaked you and Gavin exchange a bitter smile.
Tell Gavin: "Let's get wet in the rain!" Gavin takes off his shirt and covers your head, "Silly."
Run to the nearby shed to get sheltered from the rain. The rain became heavier. Being caught in the rain, you got a cold. Gavin blames himself for it, and does not leave you for a second in the hotel until you recover.
Guest from the Sky When you pass a coconut tree, a coconut suddenly falls in front of you. You-- Get frightened and almost cry Gavin holds you in to his arms. He consoles you and kisses off your tears.
Stand in front of Gavin instinctively You bump into Gavin and he holds you tightly, "Be careful, I'm fine."
Take the coconut back and eat it happily Gavin scoops the last mouthful of coconut for you, "Do you want more? If you like I can take you to the top of the coconut tree."
A Photo with Him You encounter a marvelous spectacle at sea and plan to take a photo with Gavin to mark the occasion. You decide to-- Take a selfie with Gavin Although there aren't many spectacles in the photo, at least you and Gavin laugh so happily.
Ask for help from passerby The passerby acclaims that you and Gavin are a perfect match after taking the picture for you.
Give the phone to Gavin and ask him to take it Gavin accidentally shakes his hands and takes a blurry picture. When he tries to take another one the spectacle is already gone.
Mysterious Cave At night you and Gavin discover a mysterious cave not far from the beach. It is dark inside. You-- Take his hand and bravely walk in together On the way you hear someone talking and see lights flickering. You are afraid but only to find a group of people playing The Werewolves of Millers Hollow.
Let Gavin explore the way first Gavin takes your hand and pulls you close, "You have nothing to fear when I'm by your side."
Call a large group of people to go inside together There is nothing in the cave and you come back disappointedly.
Flying Hat A sea breeze blows away your favorite hat. At this moment, you-- Run after it, screaming You can't catch it in the end. Gavin pokes your bulging cheeks, smiling. "Don't be angry, I will buy you a new one."
Give up, thinking that it's impossible to get it back You stand there dishearteningly. The next second Gavin holds you into the sky and then you catch the hate with ease.
Ask Gavin for help Gavin raises his hand, and the hat shows up in his hand just like a trick.
Special Sunglasses In order to resist strong ultraviolet rays, you are buying a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunshine. You want -- Common sunglasses Gavin puts on a pair of men's sunglasses matching the style of yours. You two seem like a pair of lovers.
Cute sunglasses with two hearts You are about to put one on Gavin when he grabs your hand, "It's enough that you are cute."
Gavin's sunglasses Gavin takes out a pair of sunglasses magically and puts it on you, "I prepared it in advance and now it comes in handy."
Temp Gets Low At night, the temperature by the sea drops sharply, but you're only wearing a thin T-shirt. You-- Want to continue stargazing after sneezing Gavin holds you into his arms. You watch the stars against his warm chest.
Pretend not to feel cold, but can't help moving closer to Gavin Gavin doesn't expose you. Instead he holds you into his arms and warms you with himself.
Pull Gavin's hand "The sea wind is strong. Shall we go back?" Gavin wraps your hands with his and leads you back to the hotel.
Beach Wedding You encounter an ideal beach wedding-- You are a little touched and look at them silently for a long time Gavin seems to feel your emotion and entwines his fingers with yours.
Send your best wishes to the new couple happily The couple accept your blessing and give their blessing to you and Gavin in return.
Whisper near Gavin's ear about the wedding Gavin looks at you tenderly, "I got it, my girl."
Shell Bracelet When you meet the auntie who sells shell bracelets, you cheerfully -- Buy one You turn around and put it on Gavin's hand, "This will bring you good luck!"
Buy two After putting it on Gavin, you hand him the other one, "Now it's your turn to put it on me!" Gavin carefully puts the bracelet on you.
Ask for a long time but decide not to buy any Gavin asks you why, you say, "You made a ginkgo bracelet for me and I make you a shell one in return!"
Eating Seafood Finally, you can go to the seafood restaurant along the coast to fill yourself with delicacies. You're going to-- Order every kind of seafood! There are too many dishes on the table, and you feel a little uncomfortable for eating too much. Gavin sends you back to the hotel and buys medicines for you in the middle of the night.
Eat what the locals often eat The local food is delicious indeed. Seeing your eagerness for the food, Gavin shells shrimp for you with smiling eyes.
Eat whatever Gavin chooses After Gavin finds that you always take the food from his plate, he feeds you directly.
Drift Bottle You pick up a drift bottle, open it an find-- "Eh? How come the paper inside is blank?" "Maybe it's waiting for someone to pick it up and make a wish." Gavin passes you the pen. You ponder for a while and secretly make a wish about him.
"How funny! It's a poem!" When finished reading you find it's an acrostic reading "I love you". You blush and fall into Gavin's arms whose eyes are full of joy.
"It's a treasure map?!" Gavin is also a bit surprised, but he still throws it into the sea, "I don't need it. My treasure is right beside me."
Seaside Pickpocket When walking, a man suddenly hits you hard on the shoulder. When you come to, you find your necklace missing. "Gavin! He took my necklace!" Gavin frowns and seizes the man's collar from behind. The man is so scared that he hands out the necklace.
"Stop! Give my necklace back!" When you are about to chase after the man Gavin stops you, "You stay here, I will go."
"Where is my necklace!" Gavin frowns and runs after the man. Five seconds later, he comes back with your necklace and carefully puts it on you.
Sand Drawing There is an old grandfather on the beach who is writing 300 Tang poems. You join in the fun and pick up a twig-- Write down your names You are about to take a picture when a passerby randomly treads on it, making it completely broken. You come to Gavin with an upset face. He scratches your nose, "Let me."
Squat down to draw Gavin for two hours When standing up, you find that Gavin also draws a picture of you drawing on the other side of the beach.
You can't write it well... When you are about to give up, Gavin holds your hand and writes the names of you two on the beach and draws a heart in between.
Beach Fashion You are preparing your clothes for today's trip. You choose-- A bohemian dress Your dress is damped by the waves once you come near the sea. Gavin ties the dress for you and the "skirt" looks nice beyond expectation.
A sexy bikini Gavin frowns and shakes his head, "I'm worried you will get a cold." He takes off his shirt and puts it on you, "That's it, be a good girl."
A swimsuit for swimming Gavin carefully helps you fasten the lace a bit tighter in case it's loose.
Parasailing You see the popular activity of parasailing. You are afraid but eager to try-- You summon up courage and choose single-person parasailing You are in real panic after landing. The worse thing is that none of the photographer's photos are good.
Looking at Gavin, you decide to choose double-person parasailing Although Gavin is along with you, you are still afraid. Gavin shelters your eyes with his hand and consoles you, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."
You decide not to go in the end Gavin holds you in mid-air, "Is it better this way?" You are kind of shocked but find yourself not afraid anymore.
Half-time Break You feel tired after a day's beach strolling. At this time, you choose to-- Sit down in the bar nearby that is said to be not bad... The cocktail in the bar is not bad. You are slightly drunk and fall into Gavin's arms like a spoiled child.
Lie down in the sun lounger, and nobody can make you move You didn't expect that the sun lounger was broken. So you fall right to the ground and make Gavin so worried.
Sit directly on the beach There are lots of little ghost crabs on the beach. You are intrigued and spend the whole afternoon catching them with Gavin.
Seaside Camping You and Gavin are going camping on the beach with tents. But when you arrive, you realize-- "We have only one tent?!" "Yes." Gavin looks at me frankly, "We have to squeeze up in one tent tonight."
You forgot to bring mosquito repellent! You have a dozen mosquito bites more when you wake up, even one on the nose...
Campers are everywhere You and Gavin have no other choice than to set up the tent in the open space. However, you are woken up in the night by some battle songs from the neighboring tent.
Intimate Contact You're going to have intimate contact with the sea, you tell Gavin-- "Let's go snorkeling!" You choose the wrong place. You see nothing at the shoal.
"Snorkeling seems fun!" You come up with clusters of colorful coral. It's said these are the signs of being blessed.
"How romantic undersea walking is! Do you want to go?" You and Gavin wander under the sea with your hands clasped. The colorful tropical fishes surrounding you two are fabulous.
Blue Tears At night you accidentally see glowing seaweed named "Blue Tears" when you are with Gavin on the sea. You-- Tell Gavin joyfully Gavin holds your oar hand and draws a heart shape on the "Blue Tears".
Take a photo at once You quickly go for your camera. The boat rocks violent and disturbs the peaceful water scene.
Stunned... Gavin picks up the camera and takes a picture of you enjoying the wonderful night.
Island Selection You can go by boat to the surrounding sea islands freely. You choose to go with Gavin to-- An island with few visitors You are scared by various seabirds once you step on the sea island and have hidden yourself in Gavin's arms since then. There is nothing to be discovered except for desolation...
An island with strange rules In order to be on the island, you perform some poor Wushu for the aborigines. Even Gavin can't help but laughing.
A bustling island abundant in exotic treasures You and Gavin see various gemstones on the island. But due to great number of tourists, all you're able to enjoy is the crowds.
Pick Flowers You run into some wild flowers. You plan to pick one and put it on your head. You choose-- Delicate and charming Chinese hibiscus You seem to be more energetic after wearing the Chinese hibiscus. You take Gavin to a dance without asking him.
Elegant and beautiful rose of Sharon You see a little girl's admiring eyes and decide to give her the flower. Seeing this, Gavin musses your hair and continues to enjoy the flowers with your hand in his.
Graceful and gentle cotton rose Gavin ties up your hair and carefully puts a fresh cotton rose on you. You look so pretty.