Cape Holiday (Event)

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Type: Time Limited Shoot Event
Date: 2019/07/09 05:00 - 2019/07/23 23:59

Bathe in the sun, enjoy the beach and run towards the sea. What's your ideal summer holiday? This summer, take a romantic and unforgettable date on an island...


The event is split into four portions:

  • Completing Missions
  • Refreshment Shell Trade
  • Scenario Events
  • Love Letters

Completing Missions

Each guy will have their own mission that can be completed. There are 5 chances given daily for the mission which can be refreshed by using Lucky Ticket purchased from Evol Supply packs or by spending C general jewel big.png Gem x300.

When completing the missions a set amount of times, rewards are given as follows:

Complete Mission X Times Rewards
  • Event SSR Shard x5
  • Event SSR Shard x10
  • Event R Karma
  • Event SSR Shard x15
  • Event SSR Shard x20
  • Event SSR Shard x30


Completing Missions will reward the player with Innocent Shells. These can be used in the Refreshments Store to trade for various items.

Item Cost Purchase Limit
C general gold big.png Gold x10000
C general power big.png Stamina x100
C cardluck diamond big.png Galaxy Wish Coupon x10
120003.png Confess Wish x10
C general dateheart big.png Karma Promise x12
135003.png 3-Star Training (Random)

Scenario Events

Completing missions will have a chance at triggering special Scenario Events that will give the player the option to choose from 3 different choices for different results. Each guy has 30 Scenarios with 3 choices each. Unlocking all 90 results will reward the player with C general jewel big.png Gem x100.

These events can be viewed again under Summer Happenings. For a complete list of Summer Happenings, see Cape Holiday (Event)/Summer Happenings.

Love Letters

Love Letters are event stories. Each guy has 6 Love Letters which unlock over the course of the event.

Love Letter Unlock Time
1 2019/07/09 05:00
2 2019/07/11 05:00
3 2019/07/13 05:00
4 2019/07/15 05:00
5 2019/07/17 05:00
6 2019/07/19 05:00

See Story Stages (Love Letters) section for a list of all Love Letters.

My Secret Weapon

Achievements which reward points that boost chance of missions dropping Lucky Tickets and triggering Scenario events.

Points Reward
5 1% chance up of triggering event
10 5% chance up of dropping
15 10% chance up of dropping
30 2% chance up of triggering event
Achievement Points
Get 1 Event Limited R Karma in total 1 point
Get 2 Event Limited R Karma in total 1 point
Get 3 Event Limited R Karma in total 1 point
Get 4 Event Limited R Karma in total 1 point
Get 1 Event Limited SSR Karma in total 5 points
Get 2 Event Limited SSR Karma in total 5 points
Get 3 Event Limited SSR Karma in total 5 points
Get 4 Event Limited SSR Karma in total 5 points
Complete the event 99 times in total 5 points
Complete the event 520 times in total 10 points

Bonus Mail

  • At the start of the event, players received mail from each guy in the Mailbox with
    x66 which expired on July 23. Each mail had a special message as follows:
Character Mail Title Mail
Victor Private YachtThere's no one else on the yacht. Just me...and a dummy.
Gavin The Only TicketNo need for another ticket. I'll go with you.
Kiro Summer GameAre you ready, Miss Chips? Our summer holiday is just beginning!
Lucien Knowing YouI'll exchange the ticket for all your concern and anxiety. So, are you willing to give me more of your smile?

Featured Karma


The event introduced the following dates:

Time Limited Packs

Icon Name Contents Price (USD) Purchase Limit
File:Cape Deal.png Cape Deal $0.99 1 per player
File:Dim Dawn Pack.png Dim Dawn Pack $1.99 1 per player
File:Summertime Pack.png Summertime Pack $4.99 -
File:Sunrise to Starlight Pack.png Sunrise to Starlight Pack $12.99 -
File:Dreamy Dream Pack.png Dreamy Dream Pack $4.99 6 per player
Heart Pounding Pack.png Heart Pounding Pack $9.99 8 per player


Story Stages (Love Letters)


Character Stage Name Type Love Letter
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Trip Without Planning Story 1
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Night of Ghost Stories Story 2
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Small Tent in the Rain Story 3
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Unstoppable Crowds Story 4
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): His Palm Story 5
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Collect Memories Story 6


Character Stage Name Type Love Letter
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Lucien's Invitation Story 1
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Lover's World Story 2
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Sweet Little Thing Story 3
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Misunderstanding Story 4
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Wheel of Life Story 5
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): On the Eve of Return Story 6


Character Stage Name Type Love Letter
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Holiday Invitation Story 1
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Miss the Flight Story 2
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Jungle Cabin Story 3
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Dressing Interludes Story 4
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Funny Group Photo Story 5
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Memorial Straw Hat Story 6


Character Stage Name Type Love Letter
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Island Chieftain Arrives Story 1
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Tour for Two Story 2
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Dolphin Tracking Story 3
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Stars over Sea Story 4
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Your 'Starry Sky' Story 5
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Dolphin Wish Story 6

Mission Stages

Character Stage Name Type
Lucien Cape Holiday (Event): Surprise Island Mission
Gavin Cape Holiday (Event): Perfect Model Mission
Kiro Cape Holiday (Event): Travel Guru Mission
Victor Cape Holiday (Event): Travel Edition Mission