Breathless (Event)

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Type: Time Limited Stone Locket Event
Date: 2019/06/14 05:00 - 2019/07/14 23:59

Wake the Crystals for Limited SSR Karma! EXP & Training items are also available!

Details[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Use Crystal Promise for a chance at obtaining Victor: Breathless SSR Shards, Gems, Stamina, Gold, or EXP Items.
    • Collect 80 Shards to redeem Victor: Breathless SSR.
  • From Jun 14, 5:00 AM to Jun 20, 11:59 PM, players can also obtain Crystal Sunset and Crystal Midnight.
    • Crystal Midnight costs Gems x40 and rewards Gold items.
    • Crystal Sunset costs Gems x40 and rewards EXP items.

Featured Karma

Crystal Drop Rates

Crystal Sunset

Item Drop Rate
Bond Wish x5 50.00%
Bond Wish x10 24.00%
Confess Wish x4 15.00%
Confess Wish x8 8.00%
Confess Wish x30 3.00%

Crystal Midnight

Item Drop Rate
C general gold big.png Gold x5000 15.00%
C general gold big.png Gold x8000 50.00%
C general gold big.png Gold x14000 24.00%
C general gold big.png Gold x30000 8.00%
C general gold big.png Gold x88888 3.00%

Crystal Promise

Item Drop Rate
SSR Shard x1
Stamina 23.50%
C general gold big.png Gold 40.70%
EXP Items 17.90%
C general jewel big.png Gem 7.40%

Time Limited Packs

Icon Name Contents Price (USD) Purchase Limit
150px Warm Palm Pack
  • Crystal Promise x6
  • C general jewel big.png Gem x50
$1.99 5 per player
150px Heartbeat Line Pack
  • Crystal Promise x21
  • C general jewel big.png Gem x130
$4.99 5 per player
150px Fatal Breath Pack