Booking Mist (Event)

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Type: Birthday-Limited Event
Date: 2019/11/04 05:00 - 2019/11/15 23:59

The smart and sophisticated young professor only shows the real him when being with you. As his birthday is just around the corner, take the chance to give him a treat!


There are three parts to this event:

Part 1: Mist Appointment

  • Complete the 3x3 Bingo Board. Completing any 3 tasks in a row or column will give rewards such as:
    • 119044.pngOur Photo Album
    • 119045.pngWhite Tea Cake
  • Unlock Invitation Letter after completing all 9 tasks. Write and send a Birthday Trip Invitation to Lucien.
Part 1 Bingo Tasks and Rewards
Consume Gold x30,000 Clear Elite Mission x5 Draw Gold Pool x5
  • Manage Brand x1
  • Our Photo Album x8
Box Office Contest Battle x5 24hr Challenge Clear x5 Lucien's Footage Clear x10
  • White Tea Cake x2
Main Story Mission Clear x5 Draw Gem Pool x2 Send Stamina x20
  • Creative Value x1
  • Our Photo Album x8
  • Promotion Strategy x1
  • Our Photo Album x8
  • White Tea Cake x2
  • Script Narration x1
  • Our Photo Album x8
  • White Tea Cake x3

Part 2: Birthday-Limited Drops in City Stroll

  • Complete Lucien City Strolls. City Strolls where Lucien appears in will reward:
    • 119044.pngOur Photo Album
    • 119043.pngLucien’s Snapshot

Part 3: Misty Affection (Event)

  • White Tea Cake (+9 Points) and Our Photo Album (+2 Points) to Lucien to earn points. Certain point thresholds grant rewards such as the event-exclusive R and SR Luciem Karma.Use Gems or Lucien’s Snapshot for more shooting attempts.
Points Rewards

Time Limited Packs

Icon Name Contents Price (USD) Purchase Limit
File:Warm B-Day Pack.png Warm B-Day Pack
  • 119045.pngWhite Tea Cake x300
$12.99 -
File:Leisure Day Pack.png Leisure Day Pack $4.99 5 per player


Stage Stage Name Type
1 Booking Mist (Event): That's Fate Story
2 Booking Mist (Event): Autumn Duties Mission
3 Booking Mist (Event): Triple Surprise Mission
4 Booking Mist (Event): Missing Memory Story
5 Booking Mist (Event): His Favorite Flavor Mission
6 Booking Mist (Event): Printed Memory Mission
7 Booking Mist (Event): Our Album Story
8 Booking Mist (Event): I'm Not Telling Mission
9 Booking Mist (Event): Early Bird Mission

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