Booking Breeze (Event): Prologue

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Ever since the calendar on the table was flipped to the "July" page, Minor started getting antsy.
Day after day he would hover around me talking incessantly about Gavin's birthday.
Minor: Boss, take this! It's notes I've been taking since high school on everything Gavin likes!
MC: It's so thick... I feel like I should file a police report.
Willow: Well, well, well. Just how deep is your obsession with Officer Gavin!?
Minor: You wouldn't understand. Gavin is my all-time hero! Hey, Willow, no peeking! That's for the boss!
Willow: Hmph, no fair.
MC: There's even a table of contents... minor, why aren't you this diligent at work?
Minor: Ahahaha...
I continued perusing the unwieldy tome. It really did document all of Gavin's likes, big or small.
MC: Does Gavin actually like this?!
Minor: That's exclusive information!
Whenever we're together, Gavin's always been a "Whatever you want", "It's up to you" type.
No matter what I drag him into, he always just smiles and says he likes it, to the point where I've forgotten if he ever has any of his own wants at all.
Minor: But, Boss, don't overhtink it. Trust me, as long as it's from you, Gavin will definitely like it.
Willow: That's exactly what's giving her so much trouble.
MC: You so get me...
I actually started making a list of ideas ages ago about what to get Gavin.
But I also think that he doesn't really go in for these material things.
Minor: If you really can't think of anything, Boss, then just give Gavin a big, warm hug!
Willow: I wanted to shoot down the idea, but actually it seemed like a feasible plan.
MC: How is that that even you...
Willow: I think, if you're going to give him something, then it should be a meaningful gift from the heart.
MC: You have a point...
This is his first birthday since we've reconnected.
This time, I want to see a big smile of true contentment on his face.