Birthday Date (Kiro)

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Summary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

"I went to the square on my birthday and came across Kiro there. He celebrated my birthday in a special way."

General Requirements[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 3

Required Karma[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

It's my birthday today. After working overtime, I dropped by the night market where I had so much memory of me and my father.

I was feeling low when I ran into Kiro incognito. When he heard it was my birthday, he cryptically said he'd like to bring me to a place to celebrate.

All the bakeries were closed, so Kiro used a burger for proxy cake. I was moved by how thoughtful he was. He told me to cheer up and not to frown. I believe dad would want to see that too.

After the "cake", Kiro brought me to a music instrument store and played a tune for me with a violin. But I could hear his sorrows in the otherwise upbeat melody, as if he was hiding many secrets and pain.

Script[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]


It was ten p.m. when I left the office to go home. Two hours before my birthday is over...
I strolled along the lonely night street, under the long shadows cast by the street lamps.
I soon found myself at the town center park and stopped in front of the music fountain.
The dancing waters matched the music perfectly, creating a colorful melody of their own.
MC: How nostalgic...

Dad used to bring me here. Every stair step, every statue... they are witnesses of our happy times together.
MC: ...If he were alive, he'd be waiting for me at home with a hot dinner and big cake for sure...
A cat approached, circling my heels.
MC: (Bending down to pet the cat.) What are you doing here, little one?
The cat meowed at me. I took out some bread to feed it.
After taking a few bites, the cat padded away, bread in mouth.
MC: Hey, where are you going?
Narrator: Not far away, the cat met up with two small kittens, and they disappeared into the bushes together.
MC: (Envious) A happy family, huh...
Narrator: Luckily this lonely birthday will be over in two hours.
Narrator: As the song reached its end, the performance of the music fountain ended as well. I got up to leave, but-
MC: Is that...?
Someone was waving at me and jogging over. Concealed under the hat and glasses was... Kiro!
Kiro: What a coincidence!
MC: Yeah, it sure was a coincidence...
MC: What are you doing out so late? Won't your fans see you?
Kiro: I'm jogging! And I disguised myself well. See? You couldn't tell it was me either.
MC: Yeah. I wouldn't have known if you didn't wave at me first.
Kiro put his hat back on, looking proud.
Kiro: Do you like my outfit?
Kiro: Understated, expensive, classy. Perfect for an idol in disguise like me.
MC: Haha... you're kidding, right?
Kiro: What are you doing outside so late?
MC: Just left work. I thought the fountain was pretty so I came over.
Kiro: You just got off work? You must be really busy.

We arrived at a bakery. Uniquely-designed, colorful cakes sit in the window, looking tantalizing.
Kiro: They look great… especially that chocolate one with the strawberries.
MC: Yeah. The pudding one looks like it'd taste good too.
Kiro: Too bad the bakery already closed.
MC: Just looking is nice too. Anyway, thank you.
Kiro: But you have to eat cake to celebrate your birthday! It guarantees happiness for the coming year.
Kiro looked around thoughtfully, then a gleam entered his eyes.
Kiro: Ah-ha, I have an idea!
We walked into a fast food restaurant.
Kiro: What's your favorite kind of burger?
MC: …Beef, I guess.
Kiro: Okay, wait here.
I waited beside the window, when I suddenly heard singing beside me.
Kiro: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
Kiro approached, holding a gigantic burger with a few fries stuck in it as candles.
Kiro: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
Kiro: Happy birthday, MC! What do you think? Nice cake, huh?
MC: (Unable to stop laughing) Kiro's special beef cake?
Kiro: I like the name. Sounds delicious already. Anyway, stop laughing and make a wish!
Containing my laughter, I closed my eyes and clasped my hands, obediently making a wish.
Kiro: Blow out the candles! (Pointing at the fries) Here!
I scarfed up the fries with my mouth, metaphorically putting out the "candles".
We sat by the fountain and shared the "cake".
MC: I haven't celebrated my birthday for two years. Thank you.
Kiro: Why?
MC: (Smiling) My dad passed away, so there was no one left to celebrate with me.
MC: Anyway, I'm glad I got to enjoy such a unique "cake".
MC: So, thank you, Kiro!
Kiro: Maybe your dad is watching over us, and that's why we met tonight?
Kiro: Because he wants you to have someone to celebrate with.
MC: (Gazing at Kiro intently)
Kiro: Aren't we the same age? 22 years ago, we were both born into this world…
Kiro: So maybe your dad wants me to celebrate your birthday with you.
MC: …Kiro…
Kiro: I'll tell you a secret. I don't really know when my birthday is.
MC: …Why?
Kiro: No one ever told me.
Kiro: But this also means that I can celebrate my birthday on whichever day I want!
MC: You mean…?
Kiro: (Smiling at me) So I'm gonna celebrate my birthday tonight too, with you!
Kiro: Oh, right, I have another special present for you. Come with me.

Kiro led me to an instrument shop beside the plaza. It was, as expected, already closed.
Kiro: Let's find a way inside.
MC: What? We're breaking and entering?
Kiro winked at me and picked up a tile sitting by a potted plant.
MC: (Goodness, is he really gonna smash a window?)
I gasped in surprise as Kiro drew out a key from under the tile.
Kiro: (Proudly) Scared ya, huh?
We entered the shop to see the wall full of all kinds of instruments. There was a pic of Kiro and a man as well.
MC: So he's the owner of this store?
Kiro: Yeah, he's my friend. A huge instrument collector. He travels the world to look for all kinds of instruments.
Kiro: I visit him when I'm not busy. I look after the store for him sometimes, too.
MC: Ah, I see.
I walked towards a piano and ran my fingers over the keys. The notes sounded crisp and sweet.
MC: This piano sounds nice.
Kiro: It's a gift John Lennon gave his wife as a birthday present in 1970.
Kiro: The soundboard inside it is specially designed. That's why it doesn't sound like your usual piano.
Kiro: (Pointing at the piano) Look, this is Lennon's signature right here.
MC: Wow. John Lennon's piano… that's insane!
Kiro: (Smiling) I noticed that you have a pianist's hands.
Kiro: I knew you'd like it.
Kiro then disappeared into the back room.
I gently touched the keys, imagining John Lennon's fingers on them as well.
Suddenly, the lights dimmed and an airy, warm melody floated into my ears, enveloping me.
It was Kiro, clad in a dark suit, playing the violin. He looked completely at home with the instrument.
His silhouette under the spotlight made him look like a prince out of a fairy tale.
To me, Kiro is a prince indeed.
My eyes widened, unable to look away for even a second.
The melody is cheerful, light. But why is there a lingering sadness in Kiro's eyes?
The sweet sounds of the violin seemed to control every beat of my heart.
And then the tune became fast, jovial, pulling me back to reality. Kiro's eyes sparkled.
The notes were nimble, light, like bunnies playing hide-and-seek in a meadow.
It's as if I'd imagined the look of sadness that was just on his face.
Kiro gazed at me with deep eyes as he finished. I could see myself reflected in them.
His gaze was shining, unwavering.
And then he winked mischievously.
Kiro: A special song for a special person. Happy birthday to us, MC!

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