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For a complete list of dates, see also: Date List

Summary[ ]

"When I accepted Kiro's invitation to visit his MV shooting location, I didn't expect it to be a wondrous adventure..."

General Requirements[ ]

  • Character: Kiro
  • Required Intimacy: 7

Required Karma[ ]

Only one of the following Karma is required to unlock the date.

Dating Diary[ ]

While waiting at the roadside for Kiro to join his MV shooting session for his new album, I was suddenly 'kidnapped' by him.

In the bumpy van, I dozed off in his warm embrace, later waking up to Kiro attentively reading the script... It's not a look I get to see often.

The MV was about a stream-of-consciousness story. Looking at the Kiro from '20 years later', I couldn't help wondering what kind of person he might be in the future.

We saw a rabbit in the flower field and followed it to through a 'tunnel' in the forest. Eventually, we arrived at a colorful flower sea, just like a wondrous adventure in stories. The world seemed to be extra vibrant every time we were together.

Video[ ]

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