Right Beside You

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Right Beside You features purchasable ASMR from the four love interests in the game. Specific items are required in order to unlock the ASMR which can be obtained from special packs or occasionally free through events.

The standard price for the ASMR pack is $14.99, but there are events which discount the price to $9.99.

Guide Video[ ]

Event[ ]

There are events for Right Beside You which discount the ASMR from $14.99 to $9.99 USD such as Right Beside You (Event).

List of ASMR[ ]

Kiro[ ]

Read a Poem[ ]

The late night love poem is the moving melody in your ears and the most affection confession from him.
  • Requirement: Romantic Poems, Kiro Intimacy 5
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get [Sweet Dream] SMS

Lucien[ ]

Special day[ ]

During these days of each month, his gentle comfort always accompanies you.
  • Requirement: Couple Cup, Lucien Intimacy 5
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get [Special Day] SMS

Victor[ ]

Enter the Ear[ ]

This might be the first time that Victor has helped someone else to clean her ears? With his gentle movements, you hear your heart beating faster and faster.
  • Requirement: Swab, Victor Intimacy 5
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get [Unexpected Skill] SMS

Gavin[ ]

Accompany You[ ]

On a sleepless night, you are snuggling in the arms of Gavin, accompanied by his heartbeats and whispers in your ears before you fall asleep.
  • Requirement: Soft Pillow, Gavin Intimacy 5
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get [Accompany You] SMS