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Unlocked after completing Chapter 4-20 in the Main Story. Right Beside You features purchasable ASMR from the four love interests in the game. Specific items are required in order to unlock the ASMR which can be obtained from special packs or occasionally free through events.

The standard price for the ASMR pack is $14.99, but there are events which discount the price to $9.99.

Guide Video[ ]

Event[ ]

There are events for Right Beside You which discount the ASMR from $14.99 to $9.99 USD such as Right Beside You (Event).

List of ASMR[ ]

The Right Beside You Transcripts can be found here.

Kiro: Read a Poem[ ]

The late night love poem is the moving melody in your ears and the most affection confession from him.

Kiro: Exclusive Care[ ]

Exclusive care only for the special you, and for the first time.

Kiro: Exclusive Interview[ ]

He would never have the heart to scare you. But he wants to tell you all his experiences and stories.

Kiro: Warm Palms[ ]

With his companionship and care, you seemed.. to not fear pain those few days.

Kiro: Midnight Crime[ ]

Too hungry to sleep at night? He invites you to commit a midnight crime.

Kiro: Measure Warmth[ ]

Hot breath swept inch by inch.

Kiro: Tender Night[ ]

  • Requirement: 143010.pngMechanical Keyboard, Kiro Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Kiro SMS: x

Kiro: Crystal Clear[ ]

  • Requirement: 143011.pngEye Drop, Kiro Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Kiro SMS: x

Gavin: Accompany You[ ]

On a sleepless night, you are snuggling in the arms of Gavin, accompanied by his heartbeats and whispers in your ears before you fall asleep.

Gavin: Warm Palms[ ]

His panic and affection are the exclusive memories left on these special days.

Gavin: School Legend[ ]

There has never been any school legend. He himself, is the legend.

Gavin: His Fingertips[ ]

His fingertips lingered in your long hair, bringing you the most relaxing and comfortable experience.

Gavin: Makeup Challenge[ ]

Whatever you ask, he will give it to you.

Gavin: Sleepy Morning[ ]

Wake you up with a gentle "good morning".

Gavin: Heartfelt Waiting[ ]

  • Requirement: 144010.pngPink Bathrobe, Gavin Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Gavin SMS: x

Gavin: Old Days Revisited[ ]

  • Requirement: 144013.pngHairpin, Gavin Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Gavin SMS: x

Lucien: Special day[ ]

During these days of each month, his gentle comfort always accompanies you.

Lucien: The Little Mermaid[ ]

In the fairy tale, there are fancy foams, soulful kisses, and the most romantic dreams he has waved for you with his light tenderness.

Lucien: Beat Summer Heat[ ]

The happiest thing in summer is to lie in his arms and let him teach you the "unique" way to cool down.

Lucien: His Tenderness[ ]

Your discomfort worried him a lot. With him staying with you, you would get well soon.

Lucien: Touching Your Hair[ ]

Feeling a headache? Let him give you a massage. It will be comforting.

Lucien: Secret Mark[ ]

In the darkroom, fingers interwine, creating a tender memory that is totally unique.

Lucien: Nightmare Ends[ ]

  • Requirement: 142009.pngSleep Sounds, Lucien Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Lucien SMS: x

Victor: Enter the Ear[ ]

This might be the first time that Victor has helped someone else to clean her ears? With his gentle movements, you hear your heart beating faster and faster.

Victor: Sleeping Beauty[ ]

He can give you whatever you want, whether telling a fairy tale in the deep night or being with you forever.

Victor: Courage Training[ ]

This is the special training he prepared for you before the courage test, and is also your chance to be "up to no good".

Victor: Meticulous Care[ ]

He wondered... how he should take care of you to make you feel better.

Victor: Your Privilege[ ]

Your exclusive privilege to feel his unnoticeable tenderness.

Victor: Drunk in Love[ ]

His rare dependence and relaxation are only shown to you when he's drunk.

Victor: Reliance[ ]

  • Requirement: 141011.pngCotton Pad, Victor Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Victor SMS: x

Victor: Thoughtful Care[ ]

  • Requirement: 141010.pngRice Congee, Victor Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Victor SMS: x

Shaw: Lingering Fragrance[ ]

  • Requirement: 148002.pngScented Candle, Shaw Intimacy x
  • Unlocks: Unlock to get Shaw SMS: x

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