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The 24hr Challenge is a game mode unlocked after completing Chapter 5-1 in the Main Story. featuring 24 levels which can be reset daily after 5:00 AM (UTC-8). Each level, a player must select up to three Karma to face off against another player's team. Unlike normal Karma battles, Karma can be come damaged during challenges which decrease the Karma's stats, making later challenges more difficult as opponent strength increases while the amount of usable Karma decreases.

Mechanics[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

There are 24 challenges where the opponents in each challenge are matched based on the player's strongest 6 Karma owned, with later challenges becoming increasingly difficult.

Guardian Effect[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Players can select two Lv. 20+ Karma to act as "Guardian" Karmas to further boost the player Company's strength. Since Karma can be damaged during challenges, this is one of the methods to have a form of strength which does not get depleted.

Each week, there are two featured Karma which give additional "Guarding effect". The "Add Now" button can be used to automatically select the Featured Karma for that week.

A featured Karma gives 25% Guarding effect while a non-featured Karma gives 5%. The following table shows the total amount of Guarding effect possible depending on the Karma used:

Karma 1 Karma 2 Total Guarding Effect %
Non-Featured Karma (5%) Non-Featured Karma (5%) 10%
Non-Featured Karma (5%) Featured Karma (25%) 30%
Featured Karma (25%) Featured Karma (25%) 50%

Quick Clear[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

The Quick Clear feature is enabled after completing Challenge 12 and allows players to skip challenges up to:

  • Without VIP: Highest cleared challenge - 8
  • With VIP: Highest cleared challenge - 6

For example, if the highest cleared challenge was Challenge 13, then this allows a non-VIP player to skip to 13-8 = Challenge 5.

This allows players to go through levels without needing to use or damage Karma. There are no downsides to Quick Clearing over normally doing the Challenges, so it is always recommended to Quick Clear once it's unlocked. You can't bypass or abuse the Quick Clear by doing some easy challenges first and then Quick Clear, it will just fast forward you to the same spot as if you have Quick Cleared from the start.
Quick Clear remembers your highest Score ever, so if you ever made it to Challenge 12 and Quick Clear on the next day to Challenge 4, but choose not to manually progress any further: On the following day you can as well Quick Clear to Challenge 4.

Battles[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Like normal missions, there will be two key attributes for each challenge, and players will select up to three Karma to battle.Unlike normal missions, however, Karma deployed will take damage during the battle which will persist until the player resets.

Company Strength Calculations[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

A rough calculation that can be used to determine if you are strong enough to defeat the opponent is the total amount of Strength. When first previewing the opponent, the opponent's Company Strength and Karma Strength will be shown.

When selecting Karma, before confirming, the player's own Company Strength will be shown. If the player's Company Strength is greater than the opponent's Company Strength + Karma Strength, then this is a rough estimation that a player can possibly win.

This value is not exact though since during battle calculations, attributes are weighted differently. For example, if two Karma have the same amount of stats (Karma strength), but one has a higher Decision stat value, then during a Decision-based challenge, the Decision-heavy Karma will have a greater amount of Karma strength.

Damage Calculations[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Karma will take damage in battle from left-to-right by continuously subtracting from the attribute. Damage is calculated by subtracting the player's Karma from the enemy's attribute stat total until either the enemy's total or the player's Karma in that attribute reaches zero.

Here is a sample calculation:

Opponent's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
50 100 100 250
Player's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
100 200 200 500

Karma 1

  • Player Karma 1 has a Decision stat of 100.
    • Subtract 100 from the Enemy's Decision Stat Total and 100 from the Enemy Karma from left-to-right.
    • Player Karma 1 used all of its Decision stat and takes damage to its Decision stat.

This is what the stats look like now:

Opponent's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
50-50=0 100-50=50 100 250-100=150
Player's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
100-100=0 200 200 500-100=400

Karma 2

  • Player Karma 2 has a Decision stat of 200.
    • Subtract 200 from the Enemy's Decision Stat Total and 200 from the Enemy Karma from left-to-right.
    • Since Player Karma 2 has a greater Decision Stat Total then the Enemy's Decision Stat Total, Player Karma 2 only takes partial damage equal to the Enemy's Decision Stat Total left.

This is what the stats look like now:

Opponent's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
0 50-50=0 100-100=0 150-150=0
Player's Karma Decision Stats
Karma 1 Karma 2 Karma 3 Total
0 200-150=50 200 400-150=250

This means that Player Karma 1's Decision stat is now 0 for the rest of the 24hr Challenge, Player Karma 2's Decision stat is 50, while Player Karma 3's Decision stat remains undamaged.

Undo[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

It is possible to undo the result of the battle by using Gem x5. This will reset the damage taken by both the player and the opponent.

Resetting[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Every day after 5:00 AM (UTC-8), a player can reset the 24hr Challenge. This will reset all damage taken as well as all the Challenges and Karma Deploys (whether they were completed or not). This includes unclaimed rewards, so be sure to claim all rewards before resetting.

Karma Deploy[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

There are four different genres at the left of the screen that unlock depending on how many 24hr Challenge Missions a player completes.

Tapping on the genre brings up a list of 4 random Karma for a player to select as well as a list of rewards. A player selects the he/she has and then deploys the Karma for two hours. After two hours, a player can claim the listed rewards.

Genre # of Missions to Unlock Rewards
Sci-Fi 6
Thriller 12
Action 18
Romance 24

The 4 random Karma also give two types of bonus: Karma Bonus and Star Bonus.

Karma Bonus depends on the rarity of the Karma.

  • R = 25% Bonus
  • SR = 50% Bonus
  • SSR = 100% Bonus

Star Bonus depends on how many star-ups the Karma has. Each star is +5%.

Resetting the 24hr Challenges also resets these as well, so be sure to complete/claim any incomplete or unclaimed deploy rewards before resetting.

Rewards[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Challenge Rewards[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Completing all the challenges will reward the player with:

The following table is a breakdown of all the rewards per challenge.

Challenge Reward
  • Gold x800
  • Star Up Item (Random x1)
  • Encounter Wish x3
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • 1-Star Training (Random)
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Challenge Medal x60
  • Gold x1200
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Encounter Wish x4
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • 1-Star Training (Random) x1
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Challenge Medal x80
  • Gold x1600
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Encounter Wish x8
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • 1-Star Training (Random) x2
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Challenge Medal x100
  • Gold x2000
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Encounter Wish x6
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • 1-Star Training (Random) x2
  • Star Up Item (Random) x1
  • Challenge Medal x120
  • Gold x2400
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • Bond Wish x2
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • 1-Star Training (Random) x2
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • Challenge Medal x140
  • Gold x2800
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • Bond Wish x3
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • 1-Star Training (Random) x3
  • Star Up Item (Random) x2
  • Challenge Medal x180
  • Gold x3200
  • Evolve Item (Random) x1
  • Confess Wish x1
  • Evolve Item (Random) x1
  • 2-Star Training (Random) x1
  • Evolve Item (Random) x1
  • Challenge Medal x220
  • Gold x4000
  • Evolve Item (Random) x1
  • Confess Wish x2
  • Evolve Item (Random) x1
  • 2-Star Training (Random) x2
  • Evolve Item (Random) x2
  • Challenge Medal x300

24hr Challenge Store[<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span> ]

Challenge Medals can be used to purchase items from the 24hr Challenge Store. The items can be purchased twice per day for free and can be refreshed up to three times per day for 30 C general jewel big.png Gems each refresh. The following items are available in the 24hr Challenge Store and be purchased using Challenge Medals.

Item Quantity C general resdungeonmedal big.png Challenge Medal Cost
Kiro: Evening Glow SSR Karma Shard 1 800
Victor: Gentle Confrontation SSR Karma Shard 1 800
Lucien: Promise of Autumn SR Karma Shard 2 480
Kiro: Sweet and Reliable SR Karma Shard 2 480
Gavin: Blue Temperature SR Karma Shard 2 480
Power Walk Card 20 600
Emotion Flower 1 98
Memory Starshine 1 5200
Memory Starburst 1 28000