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See also: Main Story (Normal): 1-1

An employee at the Main Character's company. After the Main Character's father's passing, she helped run the company for 2 years until the Main Character could graduate and take the company over.

Officer Landsman

See also: Main Story (Normal): 2-6

An officer at the local police station.

Officer Lowe

See also: Follow-Up Date

An officer at the local police station. Has a one-sided interest in Gavin.




An employee at the Main Character's company.


See also: Main Story (Normal): 1-12 Program Host. Helped host the final episode of Miracle Finder.

Mr. Mills

See also: Main Story (Normal): 4-5 Waiter at the restaurant Souvenir.

Bella Law

An intern at the Main Character's company.


A secretary at LFG.

Mr. Noah

See also: Main Story (Normal): 7-8

Runs the noodle shop Lynn's Kitchen alongside his wife. When younger, the Main Character saw Gavin receiving a large sum of money from the couple and assumed Gavin was extorting them. However, in reality, the money was to pay back Gavin who had rushed their young son to the ER and fronted the bill after a crash.


A classmate of the Main Character's and also a friend of Gavin's. Hired by the Main Character to join the Main Character's company during the Main Story.

When the three still attended school, Gavin tasked Minor to deliver a letter to the Main Character, the only time Gavin had ever asked Minor to do anything. However, the letter was bloodstained and crumpled, leading the Main Character to mistakenly think that it was a letter of warning rather than what Gavin intended to be a letter of goodbye.


Victor's assistant at LFG.


See also: Main Story (Normal): 2-15

Popular actress who was the winner of Best New Supporting Actress.


An employee at the Main Character's company.




Kiro's agent/manager.