Gavin SMS: Rubber Band

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General Info[ ]

Character: Gavin




Gavin: [A message was recalled]
  • Option 1
MC: Huh? What did you send me, Gavin? It was recalled before I read it.
Gavin: ...
Gavin: Nevermind. It was nothing important.
  • Option 2
MC: ! That doesn't count. Send me again, Gavin. I didn't see it at all...
Gavin: ...
Gavin: I pressed the wrong button just now. Just ignore it.
  • Option 3
MC: When was the Recall function updated... What did you say just now?
Gavin: ... Pressed the wrong key.
Gavin: Nothing special.
  • Option 1
MC: I think mutual trust is very important. What do you think, Officer Gavin?
Gavin: I'm so sorry.
Gavin: The rubber band you told me to wear on me the other day...
Gavin: I can't find it anywhere today.
  • Option 2
MC: I see... I don't buy it! You must be hiding something from me.
Gavin: ...
Gavin: Well... It's about the rubber band you gave me the other day
Gavin: I can't find it.
  • Option 3
MC: Let me guess, you are lying. What's troubling you?
Gavin: ...
Gavin: ... Yup there's trouble alright.
Gavin: I... lost the rubber band you gave me the other day.
  • Option 1
MC: I thought you didn't like that! Because you were frowning when you put it on...
Gavin: It's not the same.
Gavin: I just want to wear yours.
Gavin: I've looked around for a long time but still couldn't find it. So... Can you give me another one?
  • Option 2
MC: ... Is that all? Phew, I thought something serious happened!
Gavin: It is something serious.
Gavin: I looked for it at many stores, but couldn't find anything similar.
Gavin: Give me another one tomorrow!
  • Option 3
MC: Pff... Are you free today? I can give you a new one.
Gavin: OK.
Gavin: I will see you after work.
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